26 Jan

The best movies based on video games

Honestly it would be better to do an inverse ranking, based on worst video game movies, this already that there are actually many wonders in the movie gamer. Despite this point, I put all my effort on making the selection proposed below, and as always, I invite you to expand or modify the list in the comments section. Let’s start with our humble ranking of the best movies about videogames. All of them are available on putlocker.

Max Payne (2008)

Action and shooting games aren’t anything simple when it comes to take them to a big screen, however the great background and the story of Max Payne deserved no doubt a good film adaptation. Unfortunately this did not happen. With the participation of stars like Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis film tried to cover much in a very short time and in a general conclusion film let taste a little.

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (2009)

Professor Layton is a series of video games for nothing boring full of puzzles and riddles, but which may be considered for a child audience. His film alike that the game (and fortunately) is also an animated movie, that you can watch along with many other HD movies online at Movie2k. This movie leaves much to be desired. Despite this there are the main characters and the voices are genuine, so if you’re a fan of the game not you’ll be so disappointed.

Silent Hill (2006)

Silent Hill film is the clear sign that it is very difficult to carry emotions caused by a video game to a big screen where there is no real interaction. While film have tried suspense and terror of the video game the difference between one and the other is abysmal. Similarly, I want to emphasize the good work done in the film which despite not having the stress of the game manages to keep you glued to the couch thinking that something can take you from behind.

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

DOA: Dead or Alive is simply what it should be. I think that it would have been very difficult to get a best film of a game as Basic. The film is funny, shows action and some scenes of girls fighting in bikini… What more can I ask for?

Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010)

Despite what they say many film critics believe that Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time is a very good film based on the eponymous video game. Good special effects, good actors, and a very interesting narrative make this film a good production that combines both worlds. It is not excellent, it is clear, but for what the rest of the competition within the genre, is pretty good.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the continuation in the form of Final Fantasy VII, the game launched in 1997 film. If not you played the game probably don’t understand a cumin from what happens in the movie. Apart from this, the film is good, although a bit streaky and with a slightly confusing narrative. FF fans will say the opposite course.

Resident Evil (2002-XXXX)

Resident Evil movie saga has been really successful, with five films released worldwide and more thought out two already in the future. Despite not being really faithful to the game these films combine action, horror and suspense as well as the title of the console. The main role of Milla Jovovich as Alice has directed the entire series and the truth is that at the level of action, there is much to highlight. Other video game characters such as Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong and Albert Wesker have already made appearance on the big screen.

Mortal Kombat (1995)

When an adaptation is really conceived hard outcomes are not always quite good, Mortal Kombat in 1995 is a clear example. Today it has become almost a cult film due to its millions of viewers and is worth mentioning inside everything is not so bad. Just look at the Mario Bros movie to realize the very poor things that were made at that time.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is a visually stunning film for the year 2001. Its visuals are surprised until today. In addition to this film did not have to steal ideas from any game in particular and created a plot based on all the elements that constitute the Final Fantasy universe. Personally it was not a movie that I loved it, but I know recognize a good adaptation and a good entertainment product when I see it.

Lara Croft (2001-XXXX)

Perhaps bring the title to the best film adaptation of a video game is the saga of Lara Croft starring Angelina Jolie. In 2001 the looter of tombs was still at the peak of his career and with his film of 2001 and 2003 finished consolidate itself as an iconic figure in the gamer world.Action, mystery, and a wide variety of locations combine to give life to Lara Croft in these films. Apparently we could have a new film for 2014, but little is known about this yet.

What do think of this ranking of the best films of videogames? We invite you to review them and add new in the comments section. On the other hand we invite you to visit our article about 5 video games that we’d love to see on the big screen and check movie2k.

25 Dec

The 5 best games to get fit

We present a selection of games (recommended by Personal Trainer DC) that will help you to lose those pounds more after Christmas

Los 5 mejores juegos para ponerte en forma

The promises and resolutions for the new year that have become a tradition in our culture. In this sense, almost all mortals in our country are seeking to achieve a certain achievement as a challenge to face with enthusiasm and expectations the next 365 days. Quitting smoking, back to talk with that girl that like us, kill us this game, to be closer to family, more heed to the children… and so an endless number of proposals that do not come to the case specify here.

However, there is a resolution that always sneaks into the Top Ten in our country: get in shape. And video games, as it could not be otherwise, can help us perfectly to achieve our ideal weight. With this in mind, we present some proposals to lose weight with our console from metadrol funciona . If the routines are taken with seriousness and consistency, these exercises may be as valid as any fitness center. Or at least, can serve as a complement.

As always, we encourage you enriquezcáis the text with your own contributions in the comments at the bottom of this news.

Zumba Core Fitness


Developer: Zoë Mode
Platforms: Wii, Xbox 360
Launch: November 2012

The Zumba method is one of the methods of Fitness that has grown over the past years. Its combination of traditional dance methods has caused fury in gyms around the world. And how it could be otherwise, its official video game has enjoyed a similar success. Consequently, to get us into shape in 2013, anything better than its last delivery.

The game features 40 songs, 17 of which are completely new and exclusive for Zumba

The game features 40 songs, both classic and modern. 17 of which are completely new and exclusive to the Zumba method. The creator of Zumba, Beto, will return along with your favorite teachers: Gina Grant and Tanya Beardsley. And new features, we have the presence of Loretta Bates and Nicholas Logrea, and new routines for dance, Locator classes, achievements and qualifying tables in the Xbox 360 version.

Just Dance 4



Developer: Ubisoft Paris
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U
Launch: October 2012 (November on WIi U)

We must not forget that fitness is not the only way to lose weight with our consoles. The success of Zumba has shown that dance is equally valid methods to burn calories. And if ours is simply dance, leaving aside the pure fitness routines, there is no better option than the saga Just Dance. And more specifically, its final installment: Just Dance 4 .

And of course, let us not forget the Gangnam Style, exclusive Just Dance 4

This fourth installment enhances all aspects of its predecessors, eliminating that which did not work. And new features, we have the new battle mode, new routines unlockables for subjects and, for Wii U, the puppet mode, which allows a player to customize the dance routines at your leisure with Wii U Game Pad. And of course, let us not forget the Gangnam Style, exclusive Just Dance 4.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013


Developer: Ubisoft
Platform: Wii U
Launch: November 2012

After having paid attention to the dance and the combination of dance and fitness, it is time to take a look at a game of pure fitness. It can the Wii U to take with us very soon. However, apart from the classic Wii Fit Plus is perfectly compatible with the new system from Nintendo, the new Wii U have in your catalog with a super game for sports, expressly developed to take advantage of its unique peculiarities.

The game features 125 exercises and more than 200 movements

It is of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013, latest installment in the saga of Your Shape, which debuted on Wii and whose two latest installments have been exclusive to Xbox 360 and Kinectsensor. The game features 125 exercises and more than 200 movements. And we can create specific plans according to our objectives and weight training. An option to consider if you have a Wii U at home.

Move Fitness


Developer: Coldwood Interactive
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release: November 2011

Those holders of a PlayStation 3 should not feel disappointed by not having a Wii U. And it is that the Sony system also features a game specifically designed to develop fitness at home. He is called Move fitness and, as its name suggests, makes use of controls with the PlayStation Movemotion sensitivity. In fact, we will need two to execute the exercises smoothly.

With Move Fitness we designing exercise plans as they force us to exercise our whole body

As in the case of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013, with Move Fitness can designing exercise plans as they force us to exercise our whole body. We can strike targets, hit combos of punches and perfect our times with PlayStation Moveprecision. And as icing on it, you can compete with friends online, via PlayStation Network, or train together and compare who progresses more rapidly.

Nike + Kinect Training


Developer: Sumo Digital, Microsoft Studios
Platform: Xbox 360
Launch: October 2012

We close this special dedicated to fitness video games with an exclusive for Xbox 360 and Kinect sensor. The boys of Sumo Digital, in collaboration with Nike and the Microsoft Studios, bring us a very complete game, and that adds an interesting element: the NikeFuel Points. For those who do not know them, say that these NikeFuel Points are a unit of measurement used to evaluate and quantify the sports performance.

We can perform a daily monitoring of our activity and obtain personalized exercise plans

As we trained more, we will be collecting more NikeFuel Points, which will help us to compete with other players and achieve the maximum qualifying tables dimensions. In the same way, we can make a daily monitoring of our activity and obtain personalized exercise plans. And all without picking up a single command. Simply with the movement of our bodies.

And you?
Do you use the console for you to exercise? Do you count with some of these games? You no other os and share your experiences with us at the foot of this news.

30 Sep

The best books based on video games

What is the best way to know it all about your favorite game?, With cheap ebooks! today we collect some of the best examples that have been published

He said an Indian proverb: “an open book is a brain talking; closed a friend who waits; forgotten, a soul who forgives;destroyed, a heart that cries”, a fantastic definition of what these inexhaustible classmates can be achieved. How for example to expand the history and emotions causing us our favorite game, or nurture a solid and spectacular argument to the next title that we enjoy. In this article we review books based or inspired by video games.

Today we have a really special theme, Let’s talk about books, those magical companions that lead us to amazing places, transport us to epic adventures and teach knowledge and skills for our lives.

As it could not be otherwise, we will discuss very typical books, those who based their story or theme in the videogame world. In other sectors, such as the cinema, it is certainly common that textbooks are very present, both in one direction and another.

Sometimes, movie and book, or video game and book are so good that it becomes difficult to guess what came first if we didn’t know previously. They are of course a great way to expand or discover the universe of a game that draws our attention.

We will not only talk about books that based their pages in a video game or vice versa, we’ll also talk about other interesting books on the history of interactive entertainment, or independent creations which have brilliantly exploited the player facet.

‘Assassin’s Creed’

Otros atículos

We know all about the mysterious Altair

A saga historic as he is Ubisoft’s only could bring great books, with their plots and their environments in historical times of maximum interest, like the Italian Renaissance, or soon theFrench Revolution.

The author of several of the books in the saga is Oliver Bowden, a pseudonym of a historian and novelist, according to him it is a consecrated player, and took as inspiration the Games ‘ Assassin’s Creed’themselves, as it could not be otherwise.

In ‘Assassin’s Creed. The secret crusade‘ be able to know much more about the master assassin Altair

In ‘Assassin’s Creed. The secret crusade‘ be able to know much more about the master assassin Altair. The character will develop a mission that will take you to the Holy Land, and will discover the true value of the assassins creed.

To demonstrate its commitment, Altaïr to kill nine large enemies, including powerful Knights Templar. The life of this mysterious character is reflected in this essential book for fans of the saga.

This saga has been very prolific in books, such as ‘Assassin’s Creed. The brotherhood‘,’Assassin’s Creed. Renaissance‘or’Assassin’s Creed. Forsaken‘ along with many others, but unfortunately we can not stop us in each of them.


Dmitry Glukhovsky is those authors that one must follow the track, in your resume figure exercise correspondent in a Russian expedition to the pole, or narrating the death of Slobodan Milosevic.

With its ‘Metro 2033‘ work, he earned fame in the world of science fiction, and a renowned video game was born to give life to this impressive history.

Metro 2033: The Last Refuge

The human race is playing in the basement

The action takes place in Moscow, in the year 2033, after a terrible nuclear war, the survivors are hidden under the ground, on the tracks of the metro. Life has followed its path and at each station have been founded true City-States, where the people are grouped according to their interests, or ideologies. But all with a common goal, prevent entry into mutants that inhabit the area.

‘ Metro 2033′ became all a best seller, and had then ‘Metro 2034‘, where the exciting history of the Moscow underground life after the worst disaster in the history of humanity turns of nut even more exciting.

‘ Metal Gear Solid: the legacy of Big Boss’

Although it is a book that will be released soon, we could not help reference it. 27 do not meet every day, as it is the case of the saga of Hideo Kojima.

After so many years and 36 million copies sold around the globe, this book will compile thescripts and characters in the work of Kojima, including references and reviewing the references to the cinema of the warlike adventures of Solid Snake and company.

Of course it won’t be ‘Metal Gear Solid‘ first foray into the world of the book. The heading with the same name of the main series of Raymond Benson tells a part of the adventures of the protagonist.

‘Resident Evil’

The case of ‘Resident Evil‘ is certainly admirable, it has triumphed first in the game, later in the film, and has maintained the type like few others in the literary world, certainly a story that engage!

A single author Stephanie Danielle Perryhas designed all the scary stories that are on the books in this series. It is also known for his novels about Alien and various books based on movies.

In ‘The Umbrella conspiracy‘ we can follow first-hand the unit of rescue and special tactics (STARS) that has been deployed in Racoon City to investigate the chaos.

Otros atículos

Terror that is one of the keys of ‘Resident Evil’

Get to know Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and the head of the unit, Albert Wesker.Soon they discover that the mansion where have admitted to investigate is the last place where you want to be, as terrible and hostile creatures roam freely.

They could write several articles on books of ‘ Resident Evil’: ‘The city of the dead’, ‘Némesis’, ‘Zero hour’, ‘La Ensenada Calibán’, ‘Underworld’, ‘Genesis’… If you like this universe, have much to discover.

25 Sep



For several years we have heard as many people blame video games for many of the ills and problems of humanity. Now a new specialist, psychologist Philip Zimbardo, has gone to show the results of an investigation that has made and which exposes the existence of a crisis of masculinity, which is derived from the use and overconsumption of games and pornography.

According to Zimbardoexposed, during several months he devoted himself to studying the behavior of more than 20 000 young people and its relationship with video games and pornography consumption. After that period and after analyzing observations, their results could realize that there is a trend towards a crisis between males, which tend to generate a kind of addiction to over-consumption of these, especially among those who tend to do so isolated for several hours.

Now, with so much available for free, pornography which is unique in history, (men) are combining to playing video games and, by way of ‘break’, observed two hours of pornography a week” – were part of the results which found Zimbardo on the subject at the time explaining the manner in how was able to observe this crisis – “when they are in class they would like to play World of Warcraft. When they are with a girl, would like to be seeing pornography as well never be rejected“.”

Rather than generate strange behavior, what the psychologist found with this type of consumption was the existence of a restructuring in the way in which operates the mind of men, in how they transformed their center of attention, rewards, and the way in which generate satisfaction and addiction.

What I mean by all this is that the brain of children is being reconnected digitally” explains Zimbardo.

Before these findings, the specialist has tried to seek support among his sexy girls in london that engages you the seriousness and importance due to an increasingly recurring theme. Although it is mentioned that there are several measures to avoid that male thinking continue degenerating – for example that parents monitor type and time that their children consume these or that are better plans to express sexual in schools – education becoming increasingly more necessary than psychologists engaged in study men with the same attention to how for example, children or women.

Do you think? Is there really a crisis of manliness for the consumption of the games and porn in excess?

03 Sep

The Government wants to ban the game advertising online

On June 17 the Teatro Real of Madrid and video in Calgary will host the II Latin game Summit. The motto of the game unites us: assuming challenges, opening markets regulators, operators and entrepreneurs of the gaming industry will discuss the Royal Decree commercial communications of gaming. The new standard has been sent to the European Commission after the April 17 end of the information and public hearing phase. The Royal Decree could approve to return from the vacation, in the month of September.

The direction General of management game (DGOJ), under the Ministry of finance and public administration, seeks end to the issues that remained pending 2011 regulations.

Among the issues that they arouse more controversy and now seeking to find a solution are the limits to advertising. While the promotion of the games known as face to face (casinos, bingo halls and slot located in the bars) is forbidden, the last rule does not apply the same criteria for the games through the network.

Since gambling was legalized in 1977, laws that have regulated the activity has been characterized by its rigidity. But with the advent of technology into homes and the evolution of the internet, created a new game mode that was not subject to the law until four years ago. The problem that many have been pointing out is the speed with which the current standard was developed. The goal at that time was ending the legal vacuum in which online play was plunged. However, years later, and the claims that come against making the associations of consumers and the game of chance, the Government embarks on a new project that aims to define and promote responsible gaming as well as the adoption of protection measures to minors, who are considered the hardest hit by internet activity.

Royal Decree proposed the DGOJ, during the period of public consultation, has received allegations that indicate that the draft does not have proposals that guarantee protection to children and the most vulnerable groups by the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia and also of Catalonia. They consider that the text is inadequate. The new rule do not like digital game associations who believe that it is harmful to their interests.

Attendees at the Summit will also discuss the situation in the sector worldwide and the development of emerging markets.

27 Jul

Disney merged divisions of digital products and video games

The family entertainment company decides to combine parts of its organization to reflect the evolution in the market of interactive and digital products.

Disney toys will be much more innovative in the future following the decision of the company to join two of its largest divisions.

The Walt Disney Company announced on Monday that merged teams of product for the consumer and interactive media to capture changes in a market which each year sees more affected by technology and because the projects of both divisions were already lining up, according to the statement from the company.
The division shall be at his bedside to two people: Leslie Ferraro, products, and Jimmy Pitaro, in charge of interactive media.

“Both [divisions of] Disney Interactive and Disney Consumer Products have a record strong connect people with the stories and characters”, said Tom Staggs, President of operations for Disney. “The merger continues the evolution of digital and technological, entertainment an innovative strategy that will drive this new segment to create products that are unique, addictive and that offer experiences that must exceed the expectations of the consumer”.

As part of the merger, Disney will launch a new team called Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media (DCPI) Labs to create immersive products using new technologies.
Disney also mentioned that a joint division could take better advantage of intellectual rights which the company can use either physical products or video games.
Last year, Disney Interactive has launched several exclusive titles of video games Infinity with the characters of mark fairy tales and, more recently, with the Marvel comics superheroes, which Disney acquired in 2009. Also, Disney Consumer Products announced recently PlayMation interactive games, the first product of The Avengers , which hits the hotmart fire 2017.
In the future, for example, a unified division can find ways to link more Disney projects related to video games such as Infinity and Marvel Toys than lance.
This could be advantageous not only for consumers, who will have more products that can be used together, but also for the company which ever has more competition from brands like Activision, Nintendo and Lego soon, seeking a piece of the market of interactive video game figurines.

07 Jul

The best video games of detectives

Hat, raincoat, a smoking ashtray full of cigarette butts, trouble of skirts… It is clear that a detective will always be a detective, at least since Hollywood immortalized the cliche with those old movies starring Humphrey Bogart and company. But what about the world of video games?Then, as often happens, many titles have inherited this aesthetic, classic cinema, and sometimes quite rightly.
Because we do not mean games that try to look for clues such as Professor Layton, if not of those that bring us back to books and movies of film noir as thirst for evil, the Maltese Falcon or the eternal sleep.
Do you want to make an instant checkmate reviews with us some of the best games of detectives? So here we go…
Grim Fandango
Certainly a respectful and fantastic graphic adventure in which we driving to Manny Calavera, a curious character who lived in the land of the dead. Grim Fandango was one of the last big games from LucasArts developed by the great Tim Schafer. In it, as well as a surprising and made history, we found the sense of humor the House brand and unites very film noir style.
Developed by the authors of Heavy Rain, it’s a thriller to the American (with some including cliches), but with an incredible start. The gameplay, halfway between sequences of buttons and the graphic adventure, was not poorly balanced all, but his final was a much important.
Hotel Dusk
He is all a novel of detectives made video game, which also enjoyed a major success in the early days of Nintendo DS (in part for its original approach). In history we driving Kyle Hyde, a former policeman who, how, had left the body to be a private detective. I had to gather clues and solve puzzles.
Last Window
Sequel to the previous title, keeping the same gameplay and that so cinematic aesthetic. The story was also where the first would let him. Interestingly, this second part failed to repeat the success of the first, being, in the end, the Swan Song of its developers, Cing, who had to close its doors.
Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol
Curious release appeared for N-Gage (when this was already a downloadable format, not a console as such), and that we put in the skin of a private detective. The game consisted of different challenges and puzzles, and maintained at all times a pointed sense of humor.Perhaps the gameplay was somewhat limited, but it entertained.
LA Noire
Possibly one of the best representatives of the genus that have been released for a console.The work of Rockstar enjoyed a great atmosphere and a well presented history. The graphics were also at one level more than acceptable. Perhaps its development was somewhat repetitive, that Yes. In any case, it is one of those games that leaves no one indifferent, some love it and others…
Deadly Premonition
Despite its billionaires graphics, this adventure was certainly an exciting script, many characters very well plotted and one of the most charismatic protagonists who remember (with double personality included). Its setting, in the purest style Twin Peaks, was equally remarkable. A pity that the criticism to Prime him so unfairly.
Discworld Noir
Launched in 1999, it’s another adventure game (genre usually associated with this type of “film noir” Adventures) in a very classic style. In the title were Lewton, a detective who had to solve all kinds of crimes. The list of characters that appeared as a femme fatale named Carlotta or death itself, were an spectacle.
Max Payne
Any game in this series is marked by film noir, since the deadly boot of its first delivery of fatal women in Brazil’s third and latest to date. In addition, Max good with the style of the Interior of a private detective dialogues, tells their stories in the first person with the mordant that Humphrey Bogart was always in his films.
Diggs: Private Detective
It will be on sale at the end of this month, and it’s the latest “invention” for PlayStation 3’s Wonderbook. In it we will get into the skin of a worm called Diggs, you will need to explore different scenarios and overcome all kinds of challenges. Although it will be designed for the little ones, your setting will be one hundred one hundred film noir.
07 Jul

China government forbidden to sell porn games

Videojuegos en China

China’s Government banned video games companies on the internet that use references to violence, sex, london city escorts or gambling to advertise their products.

The authorities fear that advertising can corrupt young people.

Many companies in the sector have been used to women who have been involved in sex scandals, so help them promote and sell video games.

The new regulations, announced by the Ministry of culture, will be the first to apply the country on the virtual gaming industry, reported the official Chinese press.

More than 69 million people, mostly young, are connected to internet games.

The moral risk

Sex sells and the scandals also. Whatever the market, attract the attention of the consumer helps to promote the product.

However in China, the creative video game companies seem to have gone too far, says correspondent of the BBC China, Chris Hogg.

Videojuegos en China

Nearly 70 million people in China, the young majority, connect to internet games.

Officials from the Ministry of culture is irked by a recent incident: producers of online games used in a publicity model Shou Shou, who became famous for its sex videos on the internet, along with a Japanese actor of pornographic films.

Shou Shou should promote a role play, while the porn actor was “the face” of Warrior OL, a game popular in China.

Several Chinese media commentators protested because the use of these “porn celebrities” in commercials, although it is not illegal, could “overshadow collective morality”.

That is why the Government has decided to act, and from next month the authorities may force the owners of internet sites to eliminate what they call “vulgar content” in the video game promotions.

Violent images and profanity will be also prohibited in all ads, but not in the virtual games themselves.

Hogg reports that the measure has been widely reviewed in the pro-Government press china, accompanied by photos of the protagonists of the sex scandals that both insulted the bureaucrats.

Newspapers, added Hogg, as well as the producers of video games, know that young women involved in sex scandals always draw attention.

28 Jun

Games online as a Marketing tool

It is obvious and it is known to all that the online games are at its best so far. Investment of brands in this sense does more than keep growing day by day. In fact, such actions become part of tactical actions to assume important items in the social strategy of the brands that are committed by them.

valor experiencia de cliente valverdeThis article is the result of collaboration between Jaime Valverde (@mitus82) and TICbeat. Jaime Valverde is responsible for Marketing at digital agency. He is passionate about new technologies and their application to marketing and specializes in the orientation to the customer and the strategies for its retention and loyalty, which develops on his blog, MarketingTakeAway.

Recently, Saatchi & Saatchi has published a study that summarizes these facts and offering light on the reality of the market.

You can see the study on Slideshare here.

Among the key data that we observe in the study we can see that:

  • Men play more than women
  • An important time of office is dedicated to playing with brands
  • Women play more from the mobile phone and the main reason is to fight boredom
  • The main reason for men is to compete against other users
  • The preferred prize are discounts on future purchases
  • 58% think that it is good for brands to be considered fun and playable

They are data that begin to demonstrate the importance of these games and that should help us design our proposal of entertainment depending on who we are heading.

The first point to note is that it helps us to verify that in addition to existing key moments to do this, there are certain reasons that trigger the time invested. If we know that the main reason to play from a Smartphone is to combat boredom, we design applications that are easy to use, with complex rules and which can be consumed in small doses. This will help it to use in times of waiting, public transport…

Sheds light, moreover, on the prizes awaiting the users, being the main discounts. Let us not forget that we are providing entertainment for people, how much more addictive is the application less necessary will be this incentive, but we will not lose sight that our proposal must be consistent with other actions that we are working in other media.

As any other action that is design thinking in our users you must have goals, whether collection of database, knowledge of brand or printing of coupons. Any application that we want to build must be based on clear and measurable objectives. So we will know not only if we are going to accomplish what we set out, we will know if it makes sense or not what we are doing.

As I said Cruz y Raya, if there is will to go, but go “na” is nonsense. Let’s not build games because others have done it. We consider objectives and starting from there consider how reach them. If online games are part of the way to reach them, forward!

27 Jun

How to check if your PC meets the minimum requirements of the games

If you are worried if your computer is compatible with the latest game that you want to buy, you can visit  good Pc repair store by System Requirements Lab to assess the performance of your PC regarding the requirements of the game before you buy it.


Can You RUN It by System Requirements Lab page will automatically detect your system specifications and will buy them with the minimum requirements of the title you choose using your “Instant Expert Analysis” tool through the web using Java or Alternatively, an application that you can download to your computer.
  • Players with NVIDIA can access the version of the page Can You RUN It directlythrough the nvidia.com NZONE.
  • You can find more information about the tool “” Instant Expert Analysis” SystemRequirements Lab which is used in Can You RUN It on your marketing page.
To make a comparison of the capabilities of your PC with the requirements of thesystem of a game, you only have to:
  1. Go to the page Can You RUN It.
  2. Search the title.
  3. Choose the desired option.
  • You can do it through Java on the web or downloading your application to your PC.
  • And ready!
  • It will also give you the option to check the minimum requirements of the system ofany title that is in the page Can You RUN It and compare it to your system on yourown.
  • To get help or troubleshooting Can You RUN It, go to the FAQ and SystemRequirements Lab assistance page.
  • Please note that EA does not have nor Can You RUN It by System Requirements Labpage directs the use you make of it will be for your own account and risk and we willnot affect any of the changes that are made on the website or in the system.
24 Jun

SEC analyzes video games companies accounting

THE ANGELES, United States (REUTERS). -The United States Securities Commission (SEC for its acronym in English) is reviewing online bookkeeping services practices in the sector of video games in the period from the late 1990s to 2002, a source of the financial regulatory body said yesterday.

The SEC has doubts about the way the companies that develop video games have posted sales during the unprecedented boom that lived its sector, said the source, who asked not to be identified.

Some analysts of the sector and financial experts said that the research could be considering two key questions: at which point of the life cycle of a game are accounted for revenues from their sale, and if stocks taken as insurance against weak sales end up being used to smooth income fluctuations.

A spokesman for the SEC did not comment on the investigation.

Three companies – Acclaim Entertainment Inc. AKLM. Or, Activision Inc. ATVI. Or and THQ Inc. THQI. Or they have said they are part of the research, although this does not imply that they have violated the law.

On the Nasdaq electronic market, the 1644 GMT, shares of THQ, which sells titles for children such as SpongeBob SquarePants, fell 8.08 percent to 16.27 dollars.

Shares of Activision, the company that sells the game Tony Hawk Pro Skater, down 8.5%, 11.4 dollars. THQ and Activision were Monday in the list of actions with greater percentage losses of the entire market.

The values of Acclaim, known for the series of Turok games, lost 5.0 percent to 0.646 dollars.

Another company in the sector recorded casualties was Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. TTWO. Or, with a decline of 2.89 percent to 26.84 dollars. Take-Two is already facing a formal investigation of the SEC relating to its accounting practices.

Analysts said that it expected that investigations by the SEC will do to adopt more conservative policies of accounting for sales.

For example, some companies of video games accounted for revenues of the software the same day that the product is sent.


16 Jun

5 films on the video game industry

Documentaries on video games

The games have been around for decades and has been responsible for film make them your own digital culture.From the simplest materials and old to others on the most complex and current titles have lots of series, movies and documentaries on how the entertainment industry works in particular. There are certainly adjustments to specific games and generally, the film result is not very good if compared with the title, but a visual really interesting and well done are the documentaries and series that explain decades, types of consoles and give specific information on some element of the industry. Here movietube leaves five of the most interesting in the film and video game products. Note that one of them is a film that will be developed by Sony Pictures soon. Click to watch free streaming movies online.

Console Wars

Console Wars

A few days ago it was announced that Sony Pictures will make an adjustment to the book of Blake J. Harris Console Wars: SEGA, Nintendo and the Battle That Defined a Generation . The book itself has not come, but as sites like Amazon, is a “behind-the-scenes business thriller”, which means something like “thriller behind the scenes of the industry.” According to a press release from Atlantic Books, which published the book, they will be Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, writers and directors of the film adaptation.


Indie Game: The Movie

Independent titles as Thomas Was Alone lately have taken a lot of strength and yet many do not know the whole process is difficult for developers of these games to bring them out. Indie Game: The Movie destra details the process of creating titles as Braid and Super Meat Boy and thus shows the independent side of the industry in a way that is raw and poignant at a time. If you want to see this movie, you can find it on Netflix with no problems.


Video Games: The Movie

Video Games: The Movie is a documentary that shows in detail how is created the culture of video games and also explains many of the prejudices and false expectations held about gamers and the industry itself. This started as a Kickstarter project that exceeded its target in a short time and are looking for the film is to tell the true story about how it has evolved the game industry and at what point is today. A must see for any current hardcore gamer.


Video Game Invasion: The History of a Global Obsession

Tony Hawk, the renowned American skater, is the person in charge of being the host in this documentary.With a still very noventero style (as this material came out in 2004) making Video Game Invasion: The History of a Global Obsession is to cover the history of video games since arcades were the first to launch Xbox console Microsoft. A very curious and known error of this film (still with all that is good) is that when NES games are mentioned, actually an SNES cartridge shown.


The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

The King of Kong joins several elements that make it one of the best documentaries that have existed on video games. Something amazing about this material is that it has the participation of Billy Mitchell, legend of classic titles and also the first person to have a score perfect in Pac-Man . Just for this, The King of Kong is an ideal place for the most competitive gamers documentary and if you are not sure this will bring the visual side of his personality.

12 Jun

Games take care of babies of brushing teeth, carring, bathing and sleeping

Juegos de cuidar bebes de cepillar dientes y bañar y dormirInstructions how to play games to care for babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleeping

The best and newest games that guide to buying baby carriers and  to care for babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleeping and games care free babies, they are on our website, in which you play no-limit with the most innovative, cool and interactive games to care for babies free new games take care of babies and bath and change their diaper, games take care of babies, bathing them and feed them and dress them free , of the entire network.

If you trust in your skills as a nanny can not help accept the most fun challenges that represents caring for this nice and sweet his mother this baby while outside, through these amazing and super fun Games take care of babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleeping on them that they must be ready to the baby for bedtime, tell a story play with it until you fall asleep and ensure your dream vigilandolo while you sleep.

To meet the objectives of these games look after babies must only use your mouse to click on each of the objects that you will serve to meet the requirements of the baby. These games take care of babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleeping consist of 3 levels, each of which have different objectives that you must meet carefully, trying not to make mistakes, since these will be added for minutes in the bar of the time and therefore you’ll lose points, because the more rapid adhere to tasks more points you’ll earn.

Don’t miss a minute more, click here and get ready for fun non-stop with these amazing and super fun games take care of babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleep that you can play without limits, since they are free and online, through our exclusive games site.

BY: best manduca baby carrier reviews

10 Jun

A game for mobile phones and tablets can be prepared Fireworks or ‘mascletaes’ virtual

A game of failures for mobile devices and tablets allow preparing Fireworks or ‘mascletaes’ virtual, as well as to simulate being dependent on a churrería or firefighter the same day as the ‘cream’, as reported by the promoters of the initiative in a statement.

‘ Faults: the game ‘ is “fun, original, exciting and original” game, intended for passionate people of the Fallas world, which allows them to “live their world in an original platform designed for leisure and fun”.

The application is available for Android and iOS. In it anyone can enjoy the most popular events of the Fallas of Valencia, through five mini-games, which will be able to prepare Washington Fireworks supplies “with the intention to impress Marieta, the Fallereta’, you can shoot ‘ mascletaes, divert the fallers or collect bunches of flowers with the idea of preparing the cloak of the Virgin’s face to make the parade of the offering. In addition, you can become firefighter the same day of the ‘crema’ or on a churrería dependent.

The game has been developed entirely by Verónica Valls, alcoyana birth, technical engineer in computer science from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, on the campus of Alcoy (Alicante), who combined their university studies with training in graphic design and 3D Modelado-animacion.

Verónica Valls, who has already worked in Valencia just in the field of the development of Web portals and applications while it specialized in the development of video games, has participated in various prototypes and demos.

As it itself has pointed out, “the great advantage of the game is that it is uniquely suited to lovers of shortcomings, is interactive, fun, entertaining and brings together all the qualities you need a game to become our best and most faithful companion of travel, leisure and entertainment, both in short and long journeys”. “We are in a different and original gift for the lover of the feast and failures,” he stressed.


The game is made in Spanish, Valencian and English. It is uniquely suited to mobile phones, tablets, android, iOs and shop Amazon. You can download with a cost of 0.99 cents.

04 Jun

CIPO created a game for people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders

La UAB crea un videojoc per a persones amb discapacitat intel·lectual i trastorns mentals

Nonprofit social enterprise CIPO and the UAB and Canadian disability benefits organization have created a video game to enhance the cognitive and motor abilities of people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders. The game, called CIPO Activity, allows you to play using only the movement of the body and has been developed with the support of the programme of aid for social initiatives of the Social work projects, “la Caixa”.

“Three years ago we started to use information and communication technologies in the activities that we organize with our users and we realized account that there was a void in the market of educational and entertaining content for our group.” Thus arose the idea of creating a new product, that is specifically adapted to it,”explains Xavier Martinez Biosca, director of CIPO.

The result is CIPOActivity, a video game to promote physical and emotional well-being of people with different degrees of intellectual disability and mental disorders, and of different ages, developed by researchers of KAYAKING – Center of accessibility and environmental intelligence of the UAB, in collaboration with experts from psychology of CIPO. The project has received the support of the call for “promotion of autonomy and the attention to disability and dependence, the program of aid to projects of social initiatives of the Obra Social”la Caixa”.

The game meets the therapeutic requirements set by specialists and has both educational and recreational components of any serious game. “Technically, we have marked a pace somewhat slower in the unfolding of events, so that stimuli are not so fast and the player can react more easily. We have kept in mind that the instructions were simple and understandable and we have adjusted the threshold of detection of movement to the greatest possible sensitivity; Thus, the system scored small intentional gestures that do not have a conventional game”, says Enric Martí, researcher of the kayak that has coordinated the project.

Aerobic choreography to relaxation exercises
CIPOActivity uses the Kinect device, allowing the user to play only with the movement of the body, and includes four games: music, colors, relaxation and “the forest of the games”, which includes four mini-games. The player has to overcome different tests against a TV screen, a computer and the Kinect device, a virtual instructor-guided in some of the activities. For the design and animation of the characters has been used a program design and 3D modeling and the music has been composed specifically for the game. The game allows you to play in catalan, Spanish or English.

“All the games have a physical component, but at the same time we wanted to work various skills to stimulate cognitive functions and other areas,” says Aurora Piguillem, psychologist at CIPO which has participated in the design of the game.

Proposals range from the learning and development of aerobic choreographies and gymnastic exercises to practice relaxation, and working different skills cognitive and motor, as attention and concentration, balance, memory, coordination, flexibility, breathing, visualization or sensory stimulation.

“The results and scores are never desmotivadores and always encourage the player to continue or try again. In addition, we have a record of each player scores, for target tracking of their evolution”, adds Aurora Piguillem.

A prototype of the game is already being used in installations of CIPO, with very good acceptance by the users. In the near future, CIPO wants to broadcast, so that other centers and individuals can use it. “We think already in the possibility of expanding levels and scenarios or develop other projects within the field serious games, since there is still a repertoire,” concludes Xavier Martinez Biosca.

The development of the video game had also with the participation of the Kaneda Games company. In total have worked fifteen researchers, designers and psychologists.

30 May

Chainsaw in video games

The first chainsaw in a videogame appearance was as expected the 1982 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Atari game. However, this game, with Leatherface antagonist chasing victims in a highway for points partner adaptation would see low sales and limited exposure due to many stores refusal of sale, along with the Halloween horror movie.

Despite chainsaws are used as weapons in the film inspired cult Splatterhouse 1970s/1980s horror games series, and are used by the enemies of any beat-em ups next major appearance would not be until the 1990s. In 1993, the pioneer of the doom first-person shooter was the first game that included a chainsaw as a weapon for the player, giving chainsaws in horror games in the same position of worship in horror cinema, ans set them as the tool that can defeat terrorism, in turn terror against himself, and gather the courage of heroes. Some of the horror games to use chainsaws would include the Resident Evil series, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, Silent Hill series, Manhunt, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead 2 the Gears of War, MadWorld and, of course, the bad Dead turn off games.

To a large extent, in reference to Scarface, chainsaws also appear normally in organized crime themed video games. These include the series Grand Theft Auto, 50 Cent: Bulletproof, Saints Row 2, and of course the game Scarface.

Although less common, chainsaws have also made appearances in some science fiction war games. Prominent examples include chainsaw bayonets in the Gears of War, the “Ripper” saw-knife of the Fallout series, and the tools, much larger epic of evil and murder and destruction called “sierra swords” which is at the base of the franchise Warhammer 40,000. Another incarnation of armament based chain saw can be seen in the Facebook game most popular stations of battle where there is as a naval melee weapon mounted on a large scale.

Some games of strategy in real time, for instance Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos have units that use chain saws to cut down trees thus fulfilling its intended purpose. In these games these units can almost always use those chainsaws as weapons as well and apart from these few video games portray chainsaws in any context which is not a weapon.

The last game, Lollipop Chainsaw, also uses a chainsaw as a main – and possibly only – gun game that Juliet is able to use.

PlayStation all-star Legends, noodles guitar transforms into a saw to attack Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter and Sly Cooper in a stage of head based on God of War and Twisted Metal.

28 May

Mauritius villa is a part of the game “My Buenos Aires lovable”

The first edition of  the game”Mi Buenos Aires lovable”  starts on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 July at 10 am in the 48 neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. This game is closer to the residents of the city and foreigners, to have an approach more thouroughly with those who are the districts and their historical heritage.

In this first edition, the neighborhood sites that are parts of the game are: the Plaza Aristóbulo del Valle, United Lutheran Church, Mauritius luxury villas, station of Villa del Parque, Church St. John Mary Vianney, GEVP, Institute Virgen Niña and Santa Ana Church, Williams square, Neighborhood Association from Villa del Parque, Racing Club – seat Villa del Parque, calle Martin Pescador.

“My lovable Buenos Aires” will start next weekend, and it is promoted by the Ministry of culture of the Government of the city of Buenos Aires. It is a game that aims to residents and tourists have an approach closer to the porteño heritage through a fun game of questions and answers that are closely related to those traditional and historical sites that are the heritage of the city.

Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, began the first edition of the game. 500 locations, which include bars, temples, museums, sports and educational institutions, monuments, cultural centers and parks, distributed in the 48 neighborhoods in Buenos Aires that will form part of the program were selected. At the same time more than 100 free activities will be developed: workshops, theatre, guided tours and shows for children, among others.

16 May

Dental game for children

Royal dentistRoyal dentist

8.3 points out of 10 with 918 votes

The game keys: Use the mouse to clean the teeth…

Game instructions: Today you have a great responsibility: you will be the / Prince George de Inglaterra dentist. They have chosen you to clean the teeth of the most famous child in the UK and also to rename the teeth with caries.

Recommended by: affordable dentists

04 Apr

How to be a good game commentator on YouTube

Have you ever wanted to be a good game commentator on YouTube? Then this article is for you. We also serve other media using video, such as TV commentator, but is not very common.

  1. Create a YouTube channel and buy safe youtube views. If you have not done yet, this is the first step to take to be a good game commentator.
  2. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 2 Version 3.jpg
    At first begins with short videos. It’s much easier and faster to comment on short videos and are a good indicator to see how people will respond to your videos.
  3. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 3 Version 3.jpg
    Create an introduction and a distinctive farewell to identify you.This means that the introduction of your video must have a professional quality, something the “Windows Movie Maker” hardly does average program. You can ask someone to make edits to help you create your introduction and your bachelor unless you have a splendid program editing videos like “Adobe After Effects”.
  4. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 4 Version 3.jpg
    Think of a phrase that identifies you. Use something you heard and adapt it to fit your play style. For example, a renowned commentator games on YouTube, “Pewdiepie” uses the word ” bro “(friend or sibling in English) to refer to his followers.Has more quotes too and is much better because it allows your channel is different and more fun than other channels dedicated to video games.
  5. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 5 Version 3.jpg
    If you become known, remember to do things for your followers constantly.Say you have thousands of followers or more; most expect a new video at least once a week.
  6. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    Most importantly, have fun! Never will be an excellent video if you do not like to play. Play only when you feel like and play whatever you want; the choice is yours.However, you can be more friendly to your followers if you play things they suggest, such as a map or a custom story. And who knows, you suddenly like you too!
  7. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 7 Version 3.jpg
    Edita. Put a text or a photo in certain situations makes these more frightening, funny, etc. But do not overdo editing, unless the primary purpose of the video is to show an issue.
  8. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 8.jpg
    If you’re an adult (or in some cases, adolescent), you should create an alternate channel so you can do a ” video blog “or” video diary “of your life as this might interest them, although it is not necessary if you do not interested.
  9. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 9.jpg
    Do not play if you’re already saturated with other things. For example, you will regret not having done your job of writing ten pages the night before deliver it before playing, as this will make you get lower grades.
  10. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 10.jpg
    Do not play when you’re hungry! Eat well for you to stay healthy and nourished!
04 Apr

Video game addiction, too dangerous to health

Children have neglected the illusion of having a new bike and have come to the screens. Conception Ruipérez Cebrian, Chiron pediatrician Torrevieja Hospital, explains how it affects the excessive use of video games on children’s health, but a prudent and moderate consumption has advantages

The electronic chip is already fully installed in the new generations and that makes children more able than adults to handle new technologies. Television, Internet and especially video games are to blame for that, increasingly, have a passion for small screens and that the smaller they pass bill.

“It is true that consoles can become a form of training for the mind, but overuse can lead to serious health problems that are easily preventable,” says Dr. Ruipérez .

The designers of videogames companies are aware that, to create something that contains an addictive element, its sales increase considerably. The children are engaged in trying to pass the level and this makes them disproportionately interact with these devices .

I there are some cases where children have actually lost the dimension of reality and time as a result of having the controls in his hands more than they should

The benefits

We all know that this kind of entertainment creates great problems in child health, but, if used carefully, can also benefit.

“The benefits are not what they stand out more in video games, but it’s true that kids can get to sharpen the deductive activity . It stimulates logic, visual acuity and faster reflexes acts also develops “says pediatric specialist.

Note that the powers thanks to a controlled use of electronic devices are achieved are mainly hand-eye coordination, logical reasoning and decision-making capacity. In addition, the child may also be able to work better together and face the challenges .

The risks

Despite these potential advantages, giving more to talk about are the risks that may cause videogames.

According Concepción Ruipérez, “addiction to virtual games makes kids dispose other activities, such as physical activity, most lacking among children in today’s society. There is little physical activity in schools, let alone at home. Now children do not play in parks and not make more than two or three hours a week of exercise . ”

The video game addiction, unnecessary excess

The tendency to inactivity and obesity in childhood is one of the biggest problems that children addicted to video games face. They avoid the most any outdoor activity for their continued interest in the game.

They can constantly be in front of the screen and find a solution fast food not stop playing. Therisk of heart disease such as high levels ofcholesterol or hypertension is latent in children who have greater fondness for video games.

“They are giving numerous cases of childhood obesity and this causes cardiovascular changes that initially can not be seen but can even cause heart attacks in young adulthood”

In many cases, children have insomnia because they use an exaggerated consoles. Also, if they are used before the time of sleep , cause sleep disturbances , both in structure and in the reconciliation thereof.

This usually affect school performance, ability to emotional and family relations. ” The Spanish Association of kamagra recommends less than two hours of video games a day and never before going to sleep , “said Dr. Cebrian Ruipérez.

The mental health also deteriorated by the excessive use of this technology, then, if there are no limits, may intensify the possibility that children face a greater social isolation .

The anxiety , the irritability and anger are other symptoms that indicate a possible addiction to the use of electronic devices .

“Having a permanent stimulus that creates a great addiction, social contact is lost. There are children who do not have easy to relate to others and find this kind of entertainment an incentive to do so “

It is always good to know the health risks faced by children in the house and, above all, playtime, a key moment in your day to day .

04 Apr

[Survey Wednesday] 2015 Census games

Greetings, warlords.

Just over a year ago did the last “census Wargames” among readers of lade, and we think there have been some changes this year. That’s why we’re doing the census of 2015. This time wargames have collected nearly 130 games, have tried to categorize them to see what is happening in the gaming tables Hispanic … The survey will take no more than five minutes (the After sure there are many games that you have not tried or even some knowledge …)

The survey is here: my survey review. Thank you for participating!

31 Mar

Games women secret spy weapons


Did you think that games of weapons had to do only with men, this changes totally spies games secrets women with guns where we realize that girls are also able to enter this realm of video games, no more words to say We’re going to play that you realize how interesting it is the game that will bring us hours of entertainment you will not want to stop.

Want to know how to play games secret spy women with guns so I’ll tell you that the mouse will you mobilize on the screen, left click pointed and fired executing it, to reload the weapon is the space key at any time we we want, with the keyboard arrows above we get the menu for weapons and to remove it with left flechita, this is more than all functions using the game.


You have to make several missions in games secret spy women with weapons from eliminating soldiers on screen to eliminate subjects this order to remove it, I’ll explain such that there is a screen with many people and you have to kill a specific person but if you delete the wrong person, you lose the level many more missions will have to do in this excellent game that has all kinds of strategies.

The sound of games secret spy women with weapons is of film type arnold schwarzenegger where you’re going to concentrate still more in the game, but what I like about this game is the quality of graphics that presents very good, but the highlight is that the characters are presented not as they really are, but as black silhouettes or shadows, this gives a hint that we’ve played other games do not have here.

30 Mar

The Official Game table 50 Shades of Grey Out Now!

Yes, this is the game of the book that everyone’s talking about 

Romantic, liberating and totally fun , so the board game 50 Shades of Grey PDF that will entertain and amaze you, as it will reveal how you see your friends and how your friends see thee in the sexual arena. Uaau !!

Gather your friends, a few drinks and get ready for a super session times exciting and developers with more risque questions. Find out details you never knew before. Insured laughs and surprises in the most entertaining evenings!

After the blockbuster trilogy that has led erotic literature in the social sphere, and the imminent release of his film on the horizon, the reaches 50 Shades of Grey game , board game that will delight its loyal followers. 
Here’s how it works:

Before the game begins, all players provide a list of eight names of friends in common, according to two standards. First, all players must meet each of the 8 people scored, and if you decide to put the name itself, all players MUST his point. This list becomes “Submissive Christian Grey.”  It begins with the player ‘s ex boyfriends (or the owner of the game), picking up a question card Vanilla to be read aloud.

Every time the players hear the “question Vanilla” , they recorded the name of the friend chosen among the list of submissive, that fits the question. When all are ready, the answers are displayed for all to see.When the cries of surprise are off, any player who has chosen the same friend that reading of the question, will earn a record “Inner Goddess” .

It encourages players to discuss why they think your choice is the best, and provide details to support their decision.

For if any of the players fear the implications that might reveal some of its secrets, before starting the game, each player must read and sign the confidentiality agreement , so that everything that is said during the game remains secret. This contract is signed by the proper Christian Grey “master” !

If a player gets a card of questions “Scourge” increases the excitement !, because these questions are a little more involved. So this card will double the amount of chips you earn in each round. That is, if a total of two chips you win, you can catch four.

During the game, a player can choose to pick up and read aloud the question card “ own questions “rather than a question of Vanilla cards . These are blank cards where players have previously annotated questions more personal … Oops! Dare to climb down further questions game!

If you consider yourself an undisputed fan of 50 Shades of Grey, you can not spend this Christmas without giving you the game.

Find it on your point of purchase and … Show off your inner goddess !

P/S: 50 shades freed game will be released later this year.

28 Mar

‘Battlefield 3′. In DICE get serious against cheaters

Battlefield 3

We saw in mid-November last year. In DICE began applying the heavy hand against cheaters in online modes of ‘Battlefield 3′ , but we know that has not been fully effective. In some cases we have seen to roam (I’ve been a victim of one of them, as I told a few days ago exploiting the glitch that made ​​us invincible ), having little to do with them except trust the nice report to them be fruitful soon.

Something that, as relates DICE on the official blog of ‘Battlefield 3′ , just do it again after another hundred ban accounts, intensifying, more if possible, these countermeasures to cheaters. But also ask our collaboration.

We recommend that whenever we see a cheater, or suspect someone who is, at first reviewing your Battlelog verify, and then we report by clicking on the warning triangle profile, specifying in the window that will leave us then what is what leads us to believe that this is the account of a cheater , what kind of illegal stratagems used, or even what game has. The more details the better. Among all is the one to get.

28 Mar

Hints and tips for Crossfire

Objects easy to get bonuses

Destroy all your enemies until just one. Evita kill that enemy until a bonus item appears.When the bonus appears, kill him.

Guns & GP

Save your money until you become a sergeant or staff sergeant. When you become a private company, you will receive a bonus of 10,000 GP, one of 20,000 GP when you become sergeant and 30,000 GP when you become staff sergeant. If you save your money instead of spending it, you should have approximately 115,000 GP when you become sergeant. Use the money to buy, either a “best sniper”, “Best Gun”, “Best rifle”, “Best SMG”, “Best Shotgun”, “Best Shooter” or the “Best sniper rifle”.

Ghost Mode

One problem you might have ghost mode is that ghosts noob usually stand still and wait for people to walk before attacking. To counter this, take your knife and run in circles while doing stabbing motion. Try to do near areas where it is more likely to find ghosts, like the corners. Ghosts are sometimes found near the steps and water. Once you find a ghost, step back and shoot with your gun. Advanced ghosts are harder to kill because they have the ability to maneuver and jump while attacking. To counter this, jump, while the ghost is jumping and shoot your bullets. If the ghost escapes, fires a blast with your bullets. Use headphone while playing can help you hear the ghosts while moving and make it easier to kill them.

Beats mutants

Before that happens stroke mutants, move your character to a high place that is difficult to achieve for them.

Icon C4

If the C4 icon starts ringing, flee immediately. If a soldier rookie has not begun to defuse the bomb, it’s too late.

How to Bhop

The three types of Bhops are backflips, jumps forward and jumps FS. To perform a backflip press the “S” button and “Control” and press the “space bar”. To make a leap forward hold the “W” key for about two seconds and press the “space bar”. Click the “Control” button while in the air and hit the “spacebar” once again touching the ground. To conduct a FS jump, hold “Control” and “A” and “D” and press the “space bar”.

Be careful

Be careful of your surroundings is an important part of being a successful player Crossfire.The noobs usually hide behind corners and boxes, so you must be alert.

Avoid camping

If you camp with the sniper throughout the game, people will realize what you’re doing and kill you. Okay camping for part of the game, but try to change the location of snipers from time to time.

31 Jan

Psychic abilities used in gambling

He has written extensively about psychic abilities we all possess, being a major controversy for both science and to skeptics. Who has not ever thought of making money by premonitions or visions? But many people wonder: “? if people with psychic abilities, why not use those powers to benefit and make money at casinos in the stock market or even in the lottery” The answer is not easy, of the issues is that a person who has this ability for personal gain would be nourished by a negative form an incredibly unique and in order to help others gifts. But beyond that, throughout history and today there are psychics who use their capabilities for large financial gains. In many cases simply do not publicly for fear of sanctions being ridiculed or even to be used. This has been a theme throughout history has been investigated in silence by many experts.

The investigations of psychic abilities in gambling

The use of psychic abilities to win in casinos around the world has been an issue ever anyone has been able to raise. In the 1950s and investigations as those of known parapsychologist JB Rhine of Duke University, who conducted an experiment on whether a person’s intentions may influence gambling dice were made. The results indicated that this power seemed to manifest at an early age and then decreased with time. The idea that a person’s intentions can influence external phenomena has been studied extensively in recent years by researchers from the ESP , yielding very significant data. Many researchers maintain that really a casino game can be manipulated by players with psychic abilities psychokinesis. Dr. Robert E. Graves argues that by controlling its intention coupled with positive emotion, a player can turn the house advantage of 0.61% transforming this percentage in a player advantage of 0.99%. Over time this data could even generate profits by 38% or more.
Another expert even went further, Dean Radin analyzed two factors that can influence with psychic abilities in casino winnings as the geomagnetic field of the Earth and lunar cycles . Because of the geomagnetic field frequencies interfere in human behavior to the cellular level, Radin said that ESP increases with decreasing fluctuations of the geomagnetic field. Radin added that for long periods of time, players can increase their profits by 2% when playing in or near the days of a complete lunar cycle.

Cases of psychic who used their psychic abilities to your advantage

Many people do not believe that they have psychic abilities that can predict the lottery numbers. According to statistics depending on the game and the probability that a person wins the lottery is 1 in 14 million, while the probability of being struck by lightning is 1 in 4.3 million, being more likely that a person drop you a beam to become rich with the lottery. But even with the data against there are certain exceptional cases, such as psychic Barbara Rhodan who won several times the lottery even developed a system using the technique of “pendulum” asserting that any regular lottery player could use their latent capabilities get rich quick.

In 2012 Beti Schulz , 71, was another psychic who earned more than $ 2 million from the National Lottery. Beti said he had spent years getting the same winning lottery numbers. At first he refused to perform the lottery for your benefit as it considered that many people think he used his gift to enrich themselves.

In 2006, in Western Australia, a group of psychics won $ 22,000,000. A psychic Carol said tube called a vision in which she and her friends psychic winning the lottery. One day Carol felt the feeling that I had to buy the lottery and also a number specifically knowing right then they would win the lottery.

One case with much controversy is related to the Pelayo family in Madrid, Spain. Gonzalo Pelayo, a record producer, supposedly devoted to observe roulette numbers, thinking that there was a possibility that there were random. Although Pelayo has always maintained that it is possible to ascertain the numbers that come out through various mathematical calculations, many experts say it really was a great psychic ability that led to the prohibition of access in several casinos in the world.

There are many more cases of psychic winners in gambling. Other psychics claim to hear voices that inform them prior to buying a lottery ticket winning numbers, others have reported that their dreams have a clear view of the correct numbers, but they all share the psychic abilities to win.

Psychic abilities in the stock market

Another less known way of using psychic abilities for personal gain is the stock market. It is said that the world of the stock is only available to certain privileged minds. But there are people with a type of psychic ability known as associative remote viewing , a form of clairvoyance. Remote viewing is one of the most respected forms of extrasensory perception, being widely used by governments. Although it is considered very difficult to capture words or numbers through remote viewing, psychic professionals can visualize scenes from hundreds of miles away. The associative remote viewing involves the subject describe a scene and then associate it with a future trend of the stock market. For this skill to succeed requires a high emotional experience so that the information is transmitted correctly from the future . For example, Russell Targ and Keith Harary, Stanford, have used this technique to successfully predict future price of silver. Other psychics have claimed using kinesiology to assess more accurately the future movements of stock.

Remote viewing

As we have seen psychic abilities are not only to help others, can also be used for private gain. Some people in the psychic community say that if you have this gift should be used primarily for financial gain, defending its position as the universe did not create them and to survive in this world is mainly need a good economy but we always have to remember that it is the person who chooses his path.

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Fun accounting games

Accounting is not considered the most exciting topic, even for diehard fans of numbers. That is why the accounting games give you some flavor to the process to track and organize numbers.Accounting games are useful in the classroom and can help children learn difficult financial procedures. The college classes where students are learning accounting principles in preparation for a career in the field, also used the games. They have proven to be beneficial in work situations where a boring day is transformed by a game.


A simple but fun game for any kind of accounting or office is the trivia. The trivia can be organized in many ways; however, the basics are trivia questions and incentives for matching questions. The game can be performed individually or in teams. The trivia questions can be multiple choice, true / false and open questions. An example of an accounting question is “What do you get when revenues are greater than expenses?” Answer: Net Income.

Fictitious reports

As accounting is basically the analysis of financial reports, many games can be created with simulated reports. A teacher only needs to create false records and ask the students (individually or in groups) to organize and understand reports with a particular objective.For example, the teacher can ask students to analyze the reports and to create a cash flow statement.


Bingo is a very good way to teach accounting. The bingo cards can have a variety of answers to questions posed by the teacher or team leader. Students or employees need to discover the answer to know that space can cover your table Bingo. For example, the teacher might ask, “How is he appoints the amount of cash used to acquire an asset?” Then the student looks at his carton of responses (in this case historical cost) and covers the space if it appears in your game.

Games on the web

The web games are another easy for those who want to learn in detail the accounting way.The web site Marshall’s Bean Counter’s http://irenasbookkeeping.com.au/northern-beaches-myob-bookkeeper/ offers games and free readings. Visitors to the site can try games like Walk the Plank, Fling the Teacher and Teacher Invaders.

Accounting books games

As most challenging issues, accounting has encouraged the publication of several books that focus on teaching accounting fun. “The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh From the Lemonade Stand (accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh Lemonade Stand)” Darrell Mullis teaches the basics of financial reporting and language.