28 Jun

Games online as a Marketing tool

It is obvious and it is known to all that the online games are at its best so far. Investment of brands in this sense does more than keep growing day by day. In fact, such actions become part of tactical actions to assume important items in the social strategy of the brands that are committed by them.

valor experiencia de cliente valverdeThis article is the result of collaboration between Jaime Valverde (@mitus82) and TICbeat. Jaime Valverde is responsible for Marketing at digital agency. He is passionate about new technologies and their application to marketing and specializes in the orientation to the customer and the strategies for its retention and loyalty, which develops on his blog, MarketingTakeAway.

Recently, Saatchi & Saatchi has published a study that summarizes these facts and offering light on the reality of the market.

You can see the study on Slideshare here.

Among the key data that we observe in the study we can see that:

  • Men play more than women
  • An important time of office is dedicated to playing with brands
  • Women play more from the mobile phone and the main reason is to fight boredom
  • The main reason for men is to compete against other users
  • The preferred prize are discounts on future purchases
  • 58% think that it is good for brands to be considered fun and playable

They are data that begin to demonstrate the importance of these games and that should help us design our proposal of entertainment depending on who we are heading.

The first point to note is that it helps us to verify that in addition to existing key moments to do this, there are certain reasons that trigger the time invested. If we know that the main reason to play from a Smartphone is to combat boredom, we design applications that are easy to use, with complex rules and which can be consumed in small doses. This will help it to use in times of waiting, public transport…

Sheds light, moreover, on the prizes awaiting the users, being the main discounts. Let us not forget that we are providing entertainment for people, how much more addictive is the application less necessary will be this incentive, but we will not lose sight that our proposal must be consistent with other actions that we are working in other media.

As any other action that is design thinking in our users you must have goals, whether collection of database, knowledge of brand or printing of coupons. Any application that we want to build must be based on clear and measurable objectives. So we will know not only if we are going to accomplish what we set out, we will know if it makes sense or not what we are doing.

As I said Cruz y Raya, if there is will to go, but go “na” is nonsense. Let’s not build games because others have done it. We consider objectives and starting from there consider how reach them. If online games are part of the way to reach them, forward!

27 Jun

How to check if your PC meets the minimum requirements of the games

If you are worried if your computer is compatible with the latest game that you want to buy, you can visit  good Pc repair store by System Requirements Lab to assess the performance of your PC regarding the requirements of the game before you buy it.


Can You RUN It by System Requirements Lab page will automatically detect your system specifications and will buy them with the minimum requirements of the title you choose using your “Instant Expert Analysis” tool through the web using Java or Alternatively, an application that you can download to your computer.
  • Players with NVIDIA can access the version of the page Can You RUN It directlythrough the nvidia.com NZONE.
  • You can find more information about the tool “” Instant Expert Analysis” SystemRequirements Lab which is used in Can You RUN It on your marketing page.
To make a comparison of the capabilities of your PC with the requirements of thesystem of a game, you only have to:
  1. Go to the page Can You RUN It.
  2. Search the title.
  3. Choose the desired option.
  • You can do it through Java on the web or downloading your application to your PC.
  • And ready!
  • It will also give you the option to check the minimum requirements of the system ofany title that is in the page Can You RUN It and compare it to your system on yourown.
  • To get help or troubleshooting Can You RUN It, go to the FAQ and SystemRequirements Lab assistance page.
  • Please note that EA does not have nor Can You RUN It by System Requirements Labpage directs the use you make of it will be for your own account and risk and we willnot affect any of the changes that are made on the website or in the system.
24 Jun

SEC analyzes video games companies accounting

THE ANGELES, United States (REUTERS). -The United States Securities Commission (SEC for its acronym in English) is reviewing online bookkeeping services practices in the sector of video games in the period from the late 1990s to 2002, a source of the financial regulatory body said yesterday.

The SEC has doubts about the way the companies that develop video games have posted sales during the unprecedented boom that lived its sector, said the source, who asked not to be identified.

Some analysts of the sector and financial experts said that the research could be considering two key questions: at which point of the life cycle of a game are accounted for revenues from their sale, and if stocks taken as insurance against weak sales end up being used to smooth income fluctuations.

A spokesman for the SEC did not comment on the investigation.

Three companies – Acclaim Entertainment Inc. AKLM. Or, Activision Inc. ATVI. Or and THQ Inc. THQI. Or they have said they are part of the research, although this does not imply that they have violated the law.

On the Nasdaq electronic market, the 1644 GMT, shares of THQ, which sells titles for children such as SpongeBob SquarePants, fell 8.08 percent to 16.27 dollars.

Shares of Activision, the company that sells the game Tony Hawk Pro Skater, down 8.5%, 11.4 dollars. THQ and Activision were Monday in the list of actions with greater percentage losses of the entire market.

The values of Acclaim, known for the series of Turok games, lost 5.0 percent to 0.646 dollars.

Another company in the sector recorded casualties was Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. TTWO. Or, with a decline of 2.89 percent to 26.84 dollars. Take-Two is already facing a formal investigation of the SEC relating to its accounting practices.

Analysts said that it expected that investigations by the SEC will do to adopt more conservative policies of accounting for sales.

For example, some companies of video games accounted for revenues of the software the same day that the product is sent.


16 Jun

5 films on the video game industry

Documentaries on video games

The games have been around for decades and has been responsible for film make them your own digital culture.From the simplest materials and old to others on the most complex and current titles have lots of series, movies and documentaries on how the entertainment industry works in particular. There are certainly adjustments to specific games and generally, the film result is not very good if compared with the title, but a visual really interesting and well done are the documentaries and series that explain decades, types of consoles and give specific information on some element of the industry. Here movietube leaves five of the most interesting in the film and video game products. Note that one of them is a film that will be developed by Sony Pictures soon. Click to watch free streaming movies online.

Console Wars

Console Wars

A few days ago it was announced that Sony Pictures will make an adjustment to the book of Blake J. Harris Console Wars: SEGA, Nintendo and the Battle That Defined a Generation . The book itself has not come, but as sites like Amazon, is a “behind-the-scenes business thriller”, which means something like “thriller behind the scenes of the industry.” According to a press release from Atlantic Books, which published the book, they will be Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, writers and directors of the film adaptation.


Indie Game: The Movie

Independent titles as Thomas Was Alone lately have taken a lot of strength and yet many do not know the whole process is difficult for developers of these games to bring them out. Indie Game: The Movie destra details the process of creating titles as Braid and Super Meat Boy and thus shows the independent side of the industry in a way that is raw and poignant at a time. If you want to see this movie, you can find it on Netflix with no problems.


Video Games: The Movie

Video Games: The Movie is a documentary that shows in detail how is created the culture of video games and also explains many of the prejudices and false expectations held about gamers and the industry itself. This started as a Kickstarter project that exceeded its target in a short time and are looking for the film is to tell the true story about how it has evolved the game industry and at what point is today. A must see for any current hardcore gamer.


Video Game Invasion: The History of a Global Obsession

Tony Hawk, the renowned American skater, is the person in charge of being the host in this documentary.With a still very noventero style (as this material came out in 2004) making Video Game Invasion: The History of a Global Obsession is to cover the history of video games since arcades were the first to launch Xbox console Microsoft. A very curious and known error of this film (still with all that is good) is that when NES games are mentioned, actually an SNES cartridge shown.


The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

The King of Kong joins several elements that make it one of the best documentaries that have existed on video games. Something amazing about this material is that it has the participation of Billy Mitchell, legend of classic titles and also the first person to have a score perfect in Pac-Man . Just for this, The King of Kong is an ideal place for the most competitive gamers documentary and if you are not sure this will bring the visual side of his personality.

12 Jun

Games take care of babies of brushing teeth, carring, bathing and sleeping

Juegos de cuidar bebes de cepillar dientes y bañar y dormirInstructions how to play games to care for babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleeping

The best and newest games that guide to buying baby carriers and  to care for babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleeping and games care free babies, they are on our website, in which you play no-limit with the most innovative, cool and interactive games to care for babies free new games take care of babies and bath and change their diaper, games take care of babies, bathing them and feed them and dress them free , of the entire network.

If you trust in your skills as a nanny can not help accept the most fun challenges that represents caring for this nice and sweet his mother this baby while outside, through these amazing and super fun Games take care of babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleeping on them that they must be ready to the baby for bedtime, tell a story play with it until you fall asleep and ensure your dream vigilandolo while you sleep.

To meet the objectives of these games look after babies must only use your mouse to click on each of the objects that you will serve to meet the requirements of the baby. These games take care of babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleeping consist of 3 levels, each of which have different objectives that you must meet carefully, trying not to make mistakes, since these will be added for minutes in the bar of the time and therefore you’ll lose points, because the more rapid adhere to tasks more points you’ll earn.

Don’t miss a minute more, click here and get ready for fun non-stop with these amazing and super fun games take care of babies of brushing teeth and bathing and sleep that you can play without limits, since they are free and online, through our exclusive games site.

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10 Jun

A game for mobile phones and tablets can be prepared Fireworks or ‘mascletaes’ virtual

A game of failures for mobile devices and tablets allow preparing Fireworks or ‘mascletaes’ virtual, as well as to simulate being dependent on a churrería or firefighter the same day as the ‘cream’, as reported by the promoters of the initiative in a statement.

‘ Faults: the game ‘ is “fun, original, exciting and original” game, intended for passionate people of the Fallas world, which allows them to “live their world in an original platform designed for leisure and fun”.

The application is available for Android and iOS. In it anyone can enjoy the most popular events of the Fallas of Valencia, through five mini-games, which will be able to prepare Washington Fireworks supplies “with the intention to impress Marieta, the Fallereta’, you can shoot ‘ mascletaes, divert the fallers or collect bunches of flowers with the idea of preparing the cloak of the Virgin’s face to make the parade of the offering. In addition, you can become firefighter the same day of the ‘crema’ or on a churrería dependent.

The game has been developed entirely by Verónica Valls, alcoyana birth, technical engineer in computer science from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, on the campus of Alcoy (Alicante), who combined their university studies with training in graphic design and 3D Modelado-animacion.

Verónica Valls, who has already worked in Valencia just in the field of the development of Web portals and applications while it specialized in the development of video games, has participated in various prototypes and demos.

As it itself has pointed out, “the great advantage of the game is that it is uniquely suited to lovers of shortcomings, is interactive, fun, entertaining and brings together all the qualities you need a game to become our best and most faithful companion of travel, leisure and entertainment, both in short and long journeys”. “We are in a different and original gift for the lover of the feast and failures,” he stressed.


The game is made in Spanish, Valencian and English. It is uniquely suited to mobile phones, tablets, android, iOs and shop Amazon. You can download with a cost of 0.99 cents.

04 Jun

CIPO created a game for people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders

La UAB crea un videojoc per a persones amb discapacitat intel·lectual i trastorns mentals

Nonprofit social enterprise CIPO and the UAB and Canadian disability benefits organization have created a video game to enhance the cognitive and motor abilities of people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders. The game, called CIPO Activity, allows you to play using only the movement of the body and has been developed with the support of the programme of aid for social initiatives of the Social work projects, “la Caixa”.

“Three years ago we started to use information and communication technologies in the activities that we organize with our users and we realized account that there was a void in the market of educational and entertaining content for our group.” Thus arose the idea of creating a new product, that is specifically adapted to it,”explains Xavier Martinez Biosca, director of CIPO.

The result is CIPOActivity, a video game to promote physical and emotional well-being of people with different degrees of intellectual disability and mental disorders, and of different ages, developed by researchers of KAYAKING – Center of accessibility and environmental intelligence of the UAB, in collaboration with experts from psychology of CIPO. The project has received the support of the call for “promotion of autonomy and the attention to disability and dependence, the program of aid to projects of social initiatives of the Obra Social”la Caixa”.

The game meets the therapeutic requirements set by specialists and has both educational and recreational components of any serious game. “Technically, we have marked a pace somewhat slower in the unfolding of events, so that stimuli are not so fast and the player can react more easily. We have kept in mind that the instructions were simple and understandable and we have adjusted the threshold of detection of movement to the greatest possible sensitivity; Thus, the system scored small intentional gestures that do not have a conventional game”, says Enric Martí, researcher of the kayak that has coordinated the project.

Aerobic choreography to relaxation exercises
CIPOActivity uses the Kinect device, allowing the user to play only with the movement of the body, and includes four games: music, colors, relaxation and “the forest of the games”, which includes four mini-games. The player has to overcome different tests against a TV screen, a computer and the Kinect device, a virtual instructor-guided in some of the activities. For the design and animation of the characters has been used a program design and 3D modeling and the music has been composed specifically for the game. The game allows you to play in catalan, Spanish or English.

“All the games have a physical component, but at the same time we wanted to work various skills to stimulate cognitive functions and other areas,” says Aurora Piguillem, psychologist at CIPO which has participated in the design of the game.

Proposals range from the learning and development of aerobic choreographies and gymnastic exercises to practice relaxation, and working different skills cognitive and motor, as attention and concentration, balance, memory, coordination, flexibility, breathing, visualization or sensory stimulation.

“The results and scores are never desmotivadores and always encourage the player to continue or try again. In addition, we have a record of each player scores, for target tracking of their evolution”, adds Aurora Piguillem.

A prototype of the game is already being used in installations of CIPO, with very good acceptance by the users. In the near future, CIPO wants to broadcast, so that other centers and individuals can use it. “We think already in the possibility of expanding levels and scenarios or develop other projects within the field serious games, since there is still a repertoire,” concludes Xavier Martinez Biosca.

The development of the video game had also with the participation of the Kaneda Games company. In total have worked fifteen researchers, designers and psychologists.