10 Jun

A game for mobile phones and tablets can be prepared Fireworks or ‘mascletaes’ virtual

A game of failures for mobile devices and tablets allow preparing Fireworks or ‘mascletaes’ virtual, as well as to simulate being dependent on a churrería or firefighter the same day as the ‘cream’, as reported by the promoters of the initiative in a statement.

‘ Faults: the game ‘ is “fun, original, exciting and original” game, intended for passionate people of the Fallas world, which allows them to “live their world in an original platform designed for leisure and fun”.

The application is available for Android and iOS. In it anyone can enjoy the most popular events of the Fallas of Valencia, through five mini-games, which will be able to prepare Washington Fireworks supplies “with the intention to impress Marieta, the Fallereta’, you can shoot ‘ mascletaes, divert the fallers or collect bunches of flowers with the idea of preparing the cloak of the Virgin’s face to make the parade of the offering. In addition, you can become firefighter the same day of the ‘crema’ or on a churrería dependent.

The game has been developed entirely by Verónica Valls, alcoyana birth, technical engineer in computer science from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, on the campus of Alcoy (Alicante), who combined their university studies with training in graphic design and 3D Modelado-animacion.

Verónica Valls, who has already worked in Valencia just in the field of the development of Web portals and applications while it specialized in the development of video games, has participated in various prototypes and demos.

As it itself has pointed out, “the great advantage of the game is that it is uniquely suited to lovers of shortcomings, is interactive, fun, entertaining and brings together all the qualities you need a game to become our best and most faithful companion of travel, leisure and entertainment, both in short and long journeys”. “We are in a different and original gift for the lover of the feast and failures,” he stressed.


The game is made in Spanish, Valencian and English. It is uniquely suited to mobile phones, tablets, android, iOs and shop Amazon. You can download with a cost of 0.99 cents.