28 Mar

‘Battlefield 3′. In DICE get serious against cheaters

Battlefield 3

We saw in mid-November last year. In DICE began applying the heavy hand against cheaters in online modes of ‘Battlefield 3′ , but we know that has not been fully effective. In some cases we have seen to roam (I’ve been a victim of one of them, as I told a few days ago exploiting the glitch that made ​​us invincible ), having little to do with them except trust the nice report to them be fruitful soon.

Something that, as relates DICE on the official blog of ‘Battlefield 3′ , just do it again after another hundred ban accounts, intensifying, more if possible, these countermeasures to cheaters. But also ask our collaboration.

We recommend that whenever we see a cheater, or suspect someone who is, at first reviewing your Battlelog verify, and then we report by clicking on the warning triangle profile, specifying in the window that will leave us then what is what leads us to believe that this is the account of a cheater , what kind of illegal stratagems used, or even what game has. The more details the better. Among all is the one to get.