04 Apr

How to be a good game commentator on YouTube

Have you ever wanted to be a good game commentator on YouTube? Then this article is for you. We also serve other media using video, such as TV commentator, but is not very common.

  1. Create a YouTube channel and buy safe youtube views. If you have not done yet, this is the first step to take to be a good game commentator.
  2. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 2 Version 3.jpg
    At first begins with short videos. It’s much easier and faster to comment on short videos and are a good indicator to see how people will respond to your videos.
  3. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 3 Version 3.jpg
    Create an introduction and a distinctive farewell to identify you.This means that the introduction of your video must have a professional quality, something the “Windows Movie Maker” hardly does average program. You can ask someone to make edits to help you create your introduction and your bachelor unless you have a splendid program editing videos like “Adobe After Effects”.
  4. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 4 Version 3.jpg
    Think of a phrase that identifies you. Use something you heard and adapt it to fit your play style. For example, a renowned commentator games on YouTube, “Pewdiepie” uses the word ” bro “(friend or sibling in English) to refer to his followers.Has more quotes too and is much better because it allows your channel is different and more fun than other channels dedicated to video games.
  5. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 5 Version 3.jpg
    If you become known, remember to do things for your followers constantly.Say you have thousands of followers or more; most expect a new video at least once a week.
  6. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    Most importantly, have fun! Never will be an excellent video if you do not like to play. Play only when you feel like and play whatever you want; the choice is yours.However, you can be more friendly to your followers if you play things they suggest, such as a map or a custom story. And who knows, you suddenly like you too!
  7. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 7 Version 3.jpg
    Edita. Put a text or a photo in certain situations makes these more frightening, funny, etc. But do not overdo editing, unless the primary purpose of the video is to show an issue.
  8. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 8.jpg
    If you’re an adult (or in some cases, adolescent), you should create an alternate channel so you can do a ” video blog “or” video diary “of your life as this might interest them, although it is not necessary if you do not interested.
  9. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 9.jpg
    Do not play if you’re already saturated with other things. For example, you will regret not having done your job of writing ten pages the night before deliver it before playing, as this will make you get lower grades.
  10. Be a Good Gaming Commentator on YouTube Step 10.jpg
    Do not play when you’re hungry! Eat well for you to stay healthy and nourished!
28 Mar

Hints and tips for Crossfire

Objects easy to get bonuses

Destroy all your enemies until just one. Evita kill that enemy until a bonus item appears.When the bonus appears, kill him.

Guns & GP

Save your money until you become a sergeant or staff sergeant. When you become a private company, you will receive a bonus of 10,000 GP, one of 20,000 GP when you become sergeant and 30,000 GP when you become staff sergeant. If you save your money instead of spending it, you should have approximately 115,000 GP when you become sergeant. Use the money to buy, either a “best sniper”, “Best Gun”, “Best rifle”, “Best SMG”, “Best Shotgun”, “Best Shooter” or the “Best sniper rifle”.

Ghost Mode

One problem you might have ghost mode is that ghosts noob usually stand still and wait for people to walk before attacking. To counter this, take your knife and run in circles while doing stabbing motion. Try to do near areas where it is more likely to find ghosts, like the corners. Ghosts are sometimes found near the steps and water. Once you find a ghost, step back and shoot with your gun. Advanced ghosts are harder to kill because they have the ability to maneuver and jump while attacking. To counter this, jump, while the ghost is jumping and shoot your bullets. If the ghost escapes, fires a blast with your bullets. Use headphone while playing can help you hear the ghosts while moving and make it easier to kill them.

Beats mutants

Before that happens stroke mutants, move your character to a high place that is difficult to achieve for them.

Icon C4

If the C4 icon starts ringing, flee immediately. If a soldier rookie has not begun to defuse the bomb, it’s too late.

How to Bhop

The three types of Bhops are backflips, jumps forward and jumps FS. To perform a backflip press the “S” button and “Control” and press the “space bar”. To make a leap forward hold the “W” key for about two seconds and press the “space bar”. Click the “Control” button while in the air and hit the “spacebar” once again touching the ground. To conduct a FS jump, hold “Control” and “A” and “D” and press the “space bar”.

Be careful

Be careful of your surroundings is an important part of being a successful player Crossfire.The noobs usually hide behind corners and boxes, so you must be alert.

Avoid camping

If you camp with the sniper throughout the game, people will realize what you’re doing and kill you. Okay camping for part of the game, but try to change the location of snipers from time to time.