31 Mar

Games women secret spy weapons


Did you think that games of weapons had to do only with men, this changes totally spies games secrets women with guns where we realize that girls are also able to enter this realm of video games, no more words to say We’re going to play that you realize how interesting it is the game that will bring us hours of entertainment you will not want to stop.

Want to know how to play games secret spy women with guns so I’ll tell you that the mouse will you mobilize on the screen, left click pointed and fired executing it, to reload the weapon is the space key at any time we we want, with the keyboard arrows above we get the menu for weapons and to remove it with left flechita, this is more than all functions using the game.


You have to make several missions in games secret spy women with weapons from eliminating soldiers on screen to eliminate subjects this order to remove it, I’ll explain such that there is a screen with many people and you have to kill a specific person but if you delete the wrong person, you lose the level many more missions will have to do in this excellent game that has all kinds of strategies.

The sound of games secret spy women with weapons is of film type arnold schwarzenegger where you’re going to concentrate still more in the game, but what I like about this game is the quality of graphics that presents very good, but the highlight is that the characters are presented not as they really are, but as black silhouettes or shadows, this gives a hint that we’ve played other games do not have here.

30 Mar

The Official Game table 50 Shades of Grey Out Now!

Yes, this is the game of the book that everyone’s talking about 

Romantic, liberating and totally fun , so the board game 50 Shades of Grey PDF that will entertain and amaze you, as it will reveal how you see your friends and how your friends see thee in the sexual arena. Uaau !!

Gather your friends, a few drinks and get ready for a super session times exciting and developers with more risque questions. Find out details you never knew before. Insured laughs and surprises in the most entertaining evenings!

After the blockbuster trilogy that has led erotic literature in the social sphere, and the imminent release of his film on the horizon, the reaches 50 Shades of Grey game , board game that will delight its loyal followers. 
Here’s how it works:

Before the game begins, all players provide a list of eight names of friends in common, according to two standards. First, all players must meet each of the 8 people scored, and if you decide to put the name itself, all players MUST his point. This list becomes “Submissive Christian Grey.”  It begins with the player ‘s ex boyfriends (or the owner of the game), picking up a question card Vanilla to be read aloud.

Every time the players hear the “question Vanilla” , they recorded the name of the friend chosen among the list of submissive, that fits the question. When all are ready, the answers are displayed for all to see.When the cries of surprise are off, any player who has chosen the same friend that reading of the question, will earn a record “Inner Goddess” .

It encourages players to discuss why they think your choice is the best, and provide details to support their decision.

For if any of the players fear the implications that might reveal some of its secrets, before starting the game, each player must read and sign the confidentiality agreement , so that everything that is said during the game remains secret. This contract is signed by the proper Christian Grey “master” !

If a player gets a card of questions “Scourge” increases the excitement !, because these questions are a little more involved. So this card will double the amount of chips you earn in each round. That is, if a total of two chips you win, you can catch four.

During the game, a player can choose to pick up and read aloud the question card “ own questions “rather than a question of Vanilla cards . These are blank cards where players have previously annotated questions more personal … Oops! Dare to climb down further questions game!

If you consider yourself an undisputed fan of 50 Shades of Grey, you can not spend this Christmas without giving you the game.

Find it on your point of purchase and … Show off your inner goddess !

P/S: 50 shades freed game will be released later this year.

04 Apr

Fun accounting games

Accounting is not considered the most exciting topic, even for diehard fans of numbers. That is why the accounting games give you some flavor to the process to track and organize numbers.Accounting games are useful in the classroom and can help children learn difficult financial procedures. The college classes where students are learning accounting principles in preparation for a career in the field, also used the games. They have proven to be beneficial in work situations where a boring day is transformed by a game.


A simple but fun game for any kind of accounting or office is the trivia. The trivia can be organized in many ways; however, the basics are trivia questions and incentives for matching questions. The game can be performed individually or in teams. The trivia questions can be multiple choice, true / false and open questions. An example of an accounting question is “What do you get when revenues are greater than expenses?” Answer: Net Income.

Fictitious reports

As accounting is basically the analysis of financial reports, many games can be created with simulated reports. A teacher only needs to create false records and ask the students (individually or in groups) to organize and understand reports with a particular objective.For example, the teacher can ask students to analyze the reports and to create a cash flow statement.


Bingo is a very good way to teach accounting. The bingo cards can have a variety of answers to questions posed by the teacher or team leader. Students or employees need to discover the answer to know that space can cover your table Bingo. For example, the teacher might ask, “How is he appoints the amount of cash used to acquire an asset?” Then the student looks at his carton of responses (in this case historical cost) and covers the space if it appears in your game.

Games on the web

The web games are another easy for those who want to learn in detail the accounting way.The web site Marshall’s Bean Counter’s http://irenasbookkeeping.com.au/northern-beaches-myob-bookkeeper/ offers games and free readings. Visitors to the site can try games like Walk the Plank, Fling the Teacher and Teacher Invaders.

Accounting books games

As most challenging issues, accounting has encouraged the publication of several books that focus on teaching accounting fun. “The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh From the Lemonade Stand (accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh Lemonade Stand)” Darrell Mullis teaches the basics of financial reporting and language.