30 May

Chainsaw in video games

The first chainsaw in a videogame appearance was as expected the 1982 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Atari game. However, this game, with Leatherface antagonist chasing victims in a highway for points partner adaptation would see low sales and limited exposure due to many stores refusal of sale, along with the Halloween horror movie.

Despite chainsaws are used as weapons in the film inspired cult Splatterhouse 1970s/1980s horror games series, and are used by the enemies of any beat-em ups next major appearance would not be until the 1990s. In 1993, the pioneer of the doom first-person shooter was the first game that included a chainsaw as a weapon for the player, giving chainsaws in horror games in the same position of worship in horror cinema, ans set them as the tool that can defeat terrorism, in turn terror against himself, and gather the courage of heroes. Some of the horror games to use chainsaws would include the Resident Evil series, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, Silent Hill series, Manhunt, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead 2 the Gears of War, MadWorld and, of course, the bad Dead turn off games.

To a large extent, in reference to Scarface, chainsaws also appear normally in organized crime themed video games. These include the series Grand Theft Auto, 50 Cent: Bulletproof, Saints Row 2, and of course the game Scarface.

Although less common, chainsaws have also made appearances in some science fiction war games. Prominent examples include chainsaw bayonets in the Gears of War, the “Ripper” saw-knife of the Fallout series, and the tools, much larger epic of evil and murder and destruction called “sierra swords” which is at the base of the franchise Warhammer 40,000. Another incarnation of armament based chain saw can be seen in the Facebook game most popular stations of battle where there is as a naval melee weapon mounted on a large scale.

Some games of strategy in real time, for instance Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos have units that use chain saws to cut down trees thus fulfilling its intended purpose. In these games these units can almost always use those chainsaws as weapons as well and apart from these few video games portray chainsaws in any context which is not a weapon.

The last game, Lollipop Chainsaw, also uses a chainsaw as a main – and possibly only – gun game that Juliet is able to use.

PlayStation all-star Legends, noodles guitar transforms into a saw to attack Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter and Sly Cooper in a stage of head based on God of War and Twisted Metal.