27 Jul

Disney merged divisions of digital products and video games

The family entertainment company decides to combine parts of its organization to reflect the evolution in the market of interactive and digital products.

Disney toys will be much more innovative in the future following the decision of the company to join two of its largest divisions.

The Walt Disney Company announced on Monday that merged teams of product for the consumer and interactive media to capture changes in a market which each year sees more affected by technology and because the projects of both divisions were already lining up, according to the statement from the company.
The division shall be at his bedside to two people: Leslie Ferraro, products, and Jimmy Pitaro, in charge of interactive media.

“Both [divisions of] Disney Interactive and Disney Consumer Products have a record strong connect people with the stories and characters”, said Tom Staggs, President of operations for Disney. “The merger continues the evolution of digital and technological, entertainment an innovative strategy that will drive this new segment to create products that are unique, addictive and that offer experiences that must exceed the expectations of the consumer”.

As part of the merger, Disney will launch a new team called Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media (DCPI) Labs to create immersive products using new technologies.
Disney also mentioned that a joint division could take better advantage of intellectual rights which the company can use either physical products or video games.
Last year, Disney Interactive has launched several exclusive titles of video games Infinity with the characters of mark fairy tales and, more recently, with the Marvel comics superheroes, which Disney acquired in 2009. Also, Disney Consumer Products announced recently PlayMation interactive games, the first product of The Avengers , which hits the hotmart fire 2017.
In the future, for example, a unified division can find ways to link more Disney projects related to video games such as Infinity and Marvel Toys than lance.
This could be advantageous not only for consumers, who will have more products that can be used together, but also for the company which ever has more competition from brands like Activision, Nintendo and Lego soon, seeking a piece of the market of interactive video game figurines.