28 Jun

Games online as a Marketing tool

It is obvious and it is known to all that the online games are at its best so far. Investment of brands in this sense does more than keep growing day by day. In fact, such actions become part of tactical actions to assume important items in the social strategy of the brands that are committed by them.

valor experiencia de cliente valverdeThis article is the result of collaboration between Jaime Valverde (@mitus82) and TICbeat. Jaime Valverde is responsible for Marketing at digital agency. He is passionate about new technologies and their application to marketing and specializes in the orientation to the customer and the strategies for its retention and loyalty, which develops on his blog, MarketingTakeAway.

Recently, Saatchi & Saatchi has published a study that summarizes these facts and offering light on the reality of the market.

You can see the study on Slideshare here.

Among the key data that we observe in the study we can see that:

  • Men play more than women
  • An important time of office is dedicated to playing with brands
  • Women play more from the mobile phone and the main reason is to fight boredom
  • The main reason for men is to compete against other users
  • The preferred prize are discounts on future purchases
  • 58% think that it is good for brands to be considered fun and playable

They are data that begin to demonstrate the importance of these games and that should help us design our proposal of entertainment depending on who we are heading.

The first point to note is that it helps us to verify that in addition to existing key moments to do this, there are certain reasons that trigger the time invested. If we know that the main reason to play from a Smartphone is to combat boredom, we design applications that are easy to use, with complex rules and which can be consumed in small doses. This will help it to use in times of waiting, public transport…

Sheds light, moreover, on the prizes awaiting the users, being the main discounts. Let us not forget that we are providing entertainment for people, how much more addictive is the application less necessary will be this incentive, but we will not lose sight that our proposal must be consistent with other actions that we are working in other media.

As any other action that is design thinking in our users you must have goals, whether collection of database, knowledge of brand or printing of coupons. Any application that we want to build must be based on clear and measurable objectives. So we will know not only if we are going to accomplish what we set out, we will know if it makes sense or not what we are doing.

As I said Cruz y Raya, if there is will to go, but go “na” is nonsense. Let’s not build games because others have done it. We consider objectives and starting from there consider how reach them. If online games are part of the way to reach them, forward!