31 Mar

Games women secret spy weapons


Did you think that games of weapons had to do only with men, this changes totally spies games secrets women with guns where we realize that girls are also able to enter this realm of video games, no more words to say We’re going to play that you realize how interesting it is the game that will bring us hours of entertainment you will not want to stop.

Want to know how to play games secret spy women with guns so I’ll tell you that the mouse will you mobilize on the screen, left click pointed and fired executing it, to reload the weapon is the space key at any time we we want, with the keyboard arrows above we get the menu for weapons and to remove it with left flechita, this is more than all functions using the game.


You have to make several missions in games secret spy women with weapons from eliminating soldiers on screen to eliminate subjects this order to remove it, I’ll explain such that there is a screen with many people and you have to kill a specific person but if you delete the wrong person, you lose the level many more missions will have to do in this excellent game that has all kinds of strategies.

The sound of games secret spy women with weapons is of film type arnold schwarzenegger where you’re going to concentrate still more in the game, but what I like about this game is the quality of graphics that presents very good, but the highlight is that the characters are presented not as they really are, but as black silhouettes or shadows, this gives a hint that we’ve played other games do not have here.