27 Jun

How to check if your PC meets the minimum requirements of the games

If you are worried if your computer is compatible with the latest game that you want to buy, you can visit  good Pc repair store by System Requirements Lab to assess the performance of your PC regarding the requirements of the game before you buy it.


Can You RUN It by System Requirements Lab page will automatically detect your system specifications and will buy them with the minimum requirements of the title you choose using your “Instant Expert Analysis” tool through the web using Java or Alternatively, an application that you can download to your computer.
  • Players with NVIDIA can access the version of the page Can You RUN It directlythrough the nvidia.com NZONE.
  • You can find more information about the tool “” Instant Expert Analysis” SystemRequirements Lab which is used in Can You RUN It on your marketing page.
To make a comparison of the capabilities of your PC with the requirements of thesystem of a game, you only have to:
  1. Go to the page Can You RUN It.
  2. Search the title.
  3. Choose the desired option.
  • You can do it through Java on the web or downloading your application to your PC.
  • And ready!
  • It will also give you the option to check the minimum requirements of the system ofany title that is in the page Can You RUN It and compare it to your system on yourown.
  • To get help or troubleshooting Can You RUN It, go to the FAQ and SystemRequirements Lab assistance page.
  • Please note that EA does not have nor Can You RUN It by System Requirements Labpage directs the use you make of it will be for your own account and risk and we willnot affect any of the changes that are made on the website or in the system.