31 Jan

Psychic abilities used in gambling

He has written extensively about psychic abilities we all possess, being a major controversy for both science and to skeptics. Who has not ever thought of making money by premonitions or visions? But many people wonder: “? if people with psychic abilities, why not use those powers to benefit and make money at casinos in the stock market or even in the lottery” The answer is not easy, of the issues is that a person who has this ability for personal gain would be nourished by a negative form an incredibly unique and in order to help others gifts. But beyond that, throughout history and today there are psychics who use their capabilities for large financial gains. In many cases simply do not publicly for fear of sanctions being ridiculed or even to be used. This has been a theme throughout history has been investigated in silence by many experts.

The investigations of psychic abilities in gambling

The use of psychic abilities to win in casinos around the world has been an issue ever anyone has been able to raise. In the 1950s and investigations as those of known parapsychologist JB Rhine of Duke University, who conducted an experiment on whether a person’s intentions may influence gambling dice were made. The results indicated that this power seemed to manifest at an early age and then decreased with time. The idea that a person’s intentions can influence external phenomena has been studied extensively in recent years by researchers from the ESP , yielding very significant data. Many researchers maintain that really a casino game can be manipulated by players with psychic abilities psychokinesis. Dr. Robert E. Graves argues that by controlling its intention coupled with positive emotion, a player can turn the house advantage of 0.61% transforming this percentage in a player advantage of 0.99%. Over time this data could even generate profits by 38% or more.
Another expert even went further, Dean Radin analyzed two factors that can influence with psychic abilities in casino winnings as the geomagnetic field of the Earth and lunar cycles . Because of the geomagnetic field frequencies interfere in human behavior to the cellular level, Radin said that ESP increases with decreasing fluctuations of the geomagnetic field. Radin added that for long periods of time, players can increase their profits by 2% when playing in or near the days of a complete lunar cycle.

Cases of psychic who used their psychic abilities to your advantage

Many people do not believe that they have psychic abilities that can predict the lottery numbers. According to statistics depending on the game and the probability that a person wins the lottery is 1 in 14 million, while the probability of being struck by lightning is 1 in 4.3 million, being more likely that a person drop you a beam to become rich with the lottery. But even with the data against there are certain exceptional cases, such as psychic Barbara Rhodan who won several times the lottery even developed a system using the technique of “pendulum” asserting that any regular lottery player could use their latent capabilities get rich quick.

In 2012 Beti Schulz , 71, was another psychic who earned more than $ 2 million from the National Lottery. Beti said he had spent years getting the same winning lottery numbers. At first he refused to perform the lottery for your benefit as it considered that many people think he used his gift to enrich themselves.

In 2006, in Western Australia, a group of psychics won $ 22,000,000. A psychic Carol said tube called a vision in which she and her friends psychic winning the lottery. One day Carol felt the feeling that I had to buy the lottery and also a number specifically knowing right then they would win the lottery.

One case with much controversy is related to the Pelayo family in Madrid, Spain. Gonzalo Pelayo, a record producer, supposedly devoted to observe roulette numbers, thinking that there was a possibility that there were random. Although Pelayo has always maintained that it is possible to ascertain the numbers that come out through various mathematical calculations, many experts say it really was a great psychic ability that led to the prohibition of access in several casinos in the world.

There are many more cases of psychic winners in gambling. Other psychics claim to hear voices that inform them prior to buying a lottery ticket winning numbers, others have reported that their dreams have a clear view of the correct numbers, but they all share the psychic abilities to win.

Psychic abilities in the stock market

Another less known way of using psychic abilities for personal gain is the stock market. It is said that the world of the stock is only available to certain privileged minds. But there are people with a type of psychic ability known as associative remote viewing , a form of clairvoyance. Remote viewing is one of the most respected forms of extrasensory perception, being widely used by governments. Although it is considered very difficult to capture words or numbers through remote viewing, psychic professionals can visualize scenes from hundreds of miles away. The associative remote viewing involves the subject describe a scene and then associate it with a future trend of the stock market. For this skill to succeed requires a high emotional experience so that the information is transmitted correctly from the future . For example, Russell Targ and Keith Harary, Stanford, have used this technique to successfully predict future price of silver. Other psychics have claimed using kinesiology to assess more accurately the future movements of stock.

Remote viewing

As we have seen psychic abilities are not only to help others, can also be used for private gain. Some people in the psychic community say that if you have this gift should be used primarily for financial gain, defending its position as the universe did not create them and to survive in this world is mainly need a good economy but we always have to remember that it is the person who chooses his path.