07 Jul

The best video games of detectives

Hat, raincoat, a smoking ashtray full of cigarette butts, trouble of skirts… It is clear that a detective will always be a detective, at least since Hollywood immortalized the cliche with those old movies starring Humphrey Bogart and company. But what about the world of video games?Then, as often happens, many titles have inherited this aesthetic, classic cinema, and sometimes quite rightly.
Because we do not mean games that try to look for clues such as Professor Layton, if not of those that bring us back to books and movies of film noir as thirst for evil, the Maltese Falcon or the eternal sleep.
Do you want to make an instant checkmate reviews with us some of the best games of detectives? So here we go…
Grim Fandango
Certainly a respectful and fantastic graphic adventure in which we driving to Manny Calavera, a curious character who lived in the land of the dead. Grim Fandango was one of the last big games from LucasArts developed by the great Tim Schafer. In it, as well as a surprising and made history, we found the sense of humor the House brand and unites very film noir style.
Developed by the authors of Heavy Rain, it’s a thriller to the American (with some including cliches), but with an incredible start. The gameplay, halfway between sequences of buttons and the graphic adventure, was not poorly balanced all, but his final was a much important.
Hotel Dusk
He is all a novel of detectives made video game, which also enjoyed a major success in the early days of Nintendo DS (in part for its original approach). In history we driving Kyle Hyde, a former policeman who, how, had left the body to be a private detective. I had to gather clues and solve puzzles.
Last Window
Sequel to the previous title, keeping the same gameplay and that so cinematic aesthetic. The story was also where the first would let him. Interestingly, this second part failed to repeat the success of the first, being, in the end, the Swan Song of its developers, Cing, who had to close its doors.
Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol
Curious release appeared for N-Gage (when this was already a downloadable format, not a console as such), and that we put in the skin of a private detective. The game consisted of different challenges and puzzles, and maintained at all times a pointed sense of humor.Perhaps the gameplay was somewhat limited, but it entertained.
LA Noire
Possibly one of the best representatives of the genus that have been released for a console.The work of Rockstar enjoyed a great atmosphere and a well presented history. The graphics were also at one level more than acceptable. Perhaps its development was somewhat repetitive, that Yes. In any case, it is one of those games that leaves no one indifferent, some love it and others…
Deadly Premonition
Despite its billionaires graphics, this adventure was certainly an exciting script, many characters very well plotted and one of the most charismatic protagonists who remember (with double personality included). Its setting, in the purest style Twin Peaks, was equally remarkable. A pity that the criticism to Prime him so unfairly.
Discworld Noir
Launched in 1999, it’s another adventure game (genre usually associated with this type of “film noir” Adventures) in a very classic style. In the title were Lewton, a detective who had to solve all kinds of crimes. The list of characters that appeared as a femme fatale named Carlotta or death itself, were an spectacle.
Max Payne
Any game in this series is marked by film noir, since the deadly boot of its first delivery of fatal women in Brazil’s third and latest to date. In addition, Max good with the style of the Interior of a private detective dialogues, tells their stories in the first person with the mordant that Humphrey Bogart was always in his films.
Diggs: Private Detective
It will be on sale at the end of this month, and it’s the latest “invention” for PlayStation 3’s Wonderbook. In it we will get into the skin of a worm called Diggs, you will need to explore different scenarios and overcome all kinds of challenges. Although it will be designed for the little ones, your setting will be one hundred one hundred film noir.