03 Sep

The Government wants to ban the game advertising online

On June 17 the Teatro Real of Madrid and video in Calgary will host the II Latin game Summit. The motto of the game unites us: assuming challenges, opening markets regulators, operators and entrepreneurs of the gaming industry will discuss the Royal Decree commercial communications of gaming. The new standard has been sent to the European Commission after the April 17 end of the information and public hearing phase. The Royal Decree could approve to return from the vacation, in the month of September.

The direction General of management game (DGOJ), under the Ministry of finance and public administration, seeks end to the issues that remained pending 2011 regulations.

Among the issues that they arouse more controversy and now seeking to find a solution are the limits to advertising. While the promotion of the games known as face to face (casinos, bingo halls and slot located in the bars) is forbidden, the last rule does not apply the same criteria for the games through the network.

Since gambling was legalized in 1977, laws that have regulated the activity has been characterized by its rigidity. But with the advent of technology into homes and the evolution of the internet, created a new game mode that was not subject to the law until four years ago. The problem that many have been pointing out is the speed with which the current standard was developed. The goal at that time was ending the legal vacuum in which online play was plunged. However, years later, and the claims that come against making the associations of consumers and the game of chance, the Government embarks on a new project that aims to define and promote responsible gaming as well as the adoption of protection measures to minors, who are considered the hardest hit by internet activity.

Royal Decree proposed the DGOJ, during the period of public consultation, has received allegations that indicate that the draft does not have proposals that guarantee protection to children and the most vulnerable groups by the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia and also of Catalonia. They consider that the text is inadequate. The new rule do not like digital game associations who believe that it is harmful to their interests.

Attendees at the Summit will also discuss the situation in the sector worldwide and the development of emerging markets.