04 Apr

Video game addiction, too dangerous to health

Children have neglected the illusion of having a new bike and have come to the screens. Conception Ruipérez Cebrian, Chiron pediatrician Torrevieja Hospital, explains how it affects the excessive use of video games on children’s health, but a prudent and moderate consumption has advantages

The electronic chip is already fully installed in the new generations and that makes children more able than adults to handle new technologies. Television, Internet and especially video games are to blame for that, increasingly, have a passion for small screens and that the smaller they pass bill.

“It is true that consoles can become a form of training for the mind, but overuse can lead to serious health problems that are easily preventable,” says Dr. Ruipérez .

The designers of videogames companies are aware that, to create something that contains an addictive element, its sales increase considerably. The children are engaged in trying to pass the level and this makes them disproportionately interact with these devices .

I there are some cases where children have actually lost the dimension of reality and time as a result of having the controls in his hands more than they should

The benefits

We all know that this kind of entertainment creates great problems in child health, but, if used carefully, can also benefit.

“The benefits are not what they stand out more in video games, but it’s true that kids can get to sharpen the deductive activity . It stimulates logic, visual acuity and faster reflexes acts also develops “says pediatric specialist.

Note that the powers thanks to a controlled use of electronic devices are achieved are mainly hand-eye coordination, logical reasoning and decision-making capacity. In addition, the child may also be able to work better together and face the challenges .

The risks

Despite these potential advantages, giving more to talk about are the risks that may cause videogames.

According Concepción Ruipérez, “addiction to virtual games makes kids dispose other activities, such as physical activity, most lacking among children in today’s society. There is little physical activity in schools, let alone at home. Now children do not play in parks and not make more than two or three hours a week of exercise . ”

The video game addiction, unnecessary excess

The tendency to inactivity and obesity in childhood is one of the biggest problems that children addicted to video games face. They avoid the most any outdoor activity for their continued interest in the game.

They can constantly be in front of the screen and find a solution fast food not stop playing. Therisk of heart disease such as high levels ofcholesterol or hypertension is latent in children who have greater fondness for video games.

“They are giving numerous cases of childhood obesity and this causes cardiovascular changes that initially can not be seen but can even cause heart attacks in young adulthood”

In many cases, children have insomnia because they use an exaggerated consoles. Also, if they are used before the time of sleep , cause sleep disturbances , both in structure and in the reconciliation thereof.

This usually affect school performance, ability to emotional and family relations. ” The Spanish Association of kamagra recommends less than two hours of video games a day and never before going to sleep , “said Dr. Cebrian Ruipérez.

The mental health also deteriorated by the excessive use of this technology, then, if there are no limits, may intensify the possibility that children face a greater social isolation .

The anxiety , the irritability and anger are other symptoms that indicate a possible addiction to the use of electronic devices .

“Having a permanent stimulus that creates a great addiction, social contact is lost. There are children who do not have easy to relate to others and find this kind of entertainment an incentive to do so “

It is always good to know the health risks faced by children in the house and, above all, playtime, a key moment in your day to day .